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114. Çhap. I. Expofition upon the Booh,ofJ O B. Verf. i o. That is about his goods, about his cattel, and -about his lands : fo Johas far as ever any thing of fobs doth extend, fo far the hedge`goeth; tarn Cite if job have but the )rail thing abroad- God doth make an hedge exile babel g good non culo_ about it, heBath not the meaneft thing belonging unto him, but is diendum in ra_ under guard an_d.protec`tion. That is the meaning ofit. assf,fcepetir There is yet another thing to be obferved in the words tomake rute,arn La it more full. Haft thou not made in hedge about hint, and about his vat. in fora !milli, and about all that he bath on everyfide ? It is.nòt only fail, thou haft made anhedge about him, but thouhaft made an hedge dlit<d quid per about _him on every fide, which is a pleonafm or redundancyof circuitum val_ fpeech. It was a fign ofGods care offob, whenhe made an hedge ¡nue, exnal/a about him, but to fay he made an hedgeabout him on every fide,-here parse pole i is expreft an extraordinary care,that God had not left the leali gap pats infutrum. for Satán,or for any annoyance to come in unto Job. There is not Per drecitun the leafs breach, the leäft holey thou haft hedged him roundabout circumcirca, on every fide, whereby the wonderful fafety of Job,his family and eftate is Lt out under the proted,ion of God. That for the open- ing of thofe Words. Firli, We may obferve from themanner of this fpeech,Haft than not madean hedge about him ' Satan fpeaks very angerly.. Quefti-, ons as they ever exprefs quicknefs offpirit,fo they Many times ex- prefs much paflion and trouble of fpirit. Here Satan in queftioning, fpeaks as if he were vext, Haft thou 'not madean hedge about him ? Hence note, That the proteEiioit which Godgives to his People and Servants, h. the vexation ofSatan andof all-his Inftremerats. It troubled them extreamly that God doth fo regard and hedge up his, people, that they cannot come at them. No man can endure to fee that defend-. 'ed, which he wifheth weredeftroyed. Then again, ifwe confider the.matter of Satans fpeech, it isa truth, and a molt comfortable truth, a truth full of confolation to the peopleof God,. Flail thou not made an hedge about him, anda- bout hisbottle, andabout all that he bath on every fide ? Wemay note hence, That Satan the father ofdyes fometimes )(peak s truth for his oren advantage. For, as it-is -faid concerning fudas,about his care for the poor, when-hewould havehad the oyntment fold and gi- ven to thepoor, This he fail (faith the Text) not that be cared for the poor , but hecaufe he was a Thief , and had the bag, and bare :what wasput therein, So we may fay-here, Satan fets forth the