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1'f8 Chap, I. , firn Expoftiòn upon the Bookof } O B. Vcrf: r o to an ordinary ufe of fpeech among the Hebrews, ánd li1ewif.; amongil other Nations, by the wûr;,of the bands , is underflood any kind of labour, any kind ofbufincfti whatfoever. As it is laid of Chris , I». 53. 1 o. That thepleatitre ofthe Lorddidprofiler in his hands ; Now the work that Chrifl had to do, was not a handy work, yet it did profper in his hands, that is, he managing and going about it, it didprof-per and took fuccefs : It was etfe- Li:uai for the redemption and_falvation of his people; This was profpeting of the work in his hands. In this fence the work of the head, tiny be called the work of the hands, the work of the tongue the work of the hands ; any work , any bufinefle that a man doth, may be called the work of his hands. So then,, Thou haft bleffed the work of his hand?, that is, thou haft bleffed every thing that job goeth about; as a Magitirate, as a Minilfer, or as a Matter ofa Family, in any of in all his relations, thou hail caufed his endeavours to profper. In the 28. ofDeutero- nomy, an univerfal blefling is thus promifed, verf. 6. Bleffed than ,[bait be when thou cornett in, and bleffed (halt than be when thougoeft out : Between thofe two are contained all the labours and undertakings of that people : by their going forth is meant the beginning of their labours,and by their coming in is meant the end and cotaclufion of their labours, fo that beginning andending, when they let their hands to a bufinefs, and when they took their hands from a bufinefs, they fhould be bleffed, that is, they.fhould have a through blefiiing uponall their labours. So here, Thou haft Mired the workof his hands, that is, every thing he putteth his hands unto. And his f ubftance is increafed in the Land. 'That is the third thingwhichSatan dour obferve here concerning Job, that he was not only bleffed iii the abate wherein he was, but God did rnigh- tilyincreafc and multiply his eflate: He is increafed in the Land. Pn immenfum The word which we translate inereafed, fignifieth not anordinary excrefecre. increafe, but fuch an increafe as breaks the bounds ; it fignifieth fo to increafe in fuch an abundance, as that the former place where thofe things were, cannot contain nor hold them , but, they muff leek Tome new place, iñore room for them : fuch a kind ofincreafe is here meant. So the word is ufed, Exod. i. 12. concerning the people of Ifrael when they were in lEgypt, when they were aifiLt-ed, the Text faith, The more they affïieledthem, tie more they multiplyed and grew ; The fame word is there ufed, to