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Chap, 1. An Expofition upon the Bookof J O B. Verf. i o, Á"i to fhew the wonderful iúcreafe of the people of Ifraci when, they were in their afidion. It was fuch as did break the bounds. As it is with a river, the more it is flopped, the more it fwelleth, and breaks all the banks and bays, whatfoever it fet to 'hinder the courfe ofit : So much is ineant in that place of Mofës, when the people of IJrael were flopped, and hindred from their increafe , they like a river did fwell over all,they did increafe,fo as theydici break all the bounds. Thus of fob, hvr Subjtance is increafed, it is as if we fnould fay in our Language, He had fo much that there was no need of, no room for his fiab(tance : As the rich fool raid, Luke i z. when his Eltate was increafed , What (hall I do , ¡ny barnsare not big enough ? I mutt pull them down and build lar- ger,that they may hold my cftate. So lobs cftate was fo increafed that the compafs he had for that prefent could not contain it, he muff make new folds for his Sheep,they increafed fo ; and he muff make greater barns for his corn,his fields brought forth fuch plen- tiful crops ; he mull make larger flails for his Oxen, he mull build bigger houfes for his family ; He is increafed, he is broken forth in the Land, Gen.38.29. When Tamar brought forth twins, the Text faith, that one put out his hand, and as he drew it back, his brother came out, and therefore they called his name £harez (the fame Original word that is here ufed) becaufe of the breach ¿e`t "avrw , pgra{jgìúj:r.t that he made. So this fignifieth the breaking forth of the eftate of iwnrota ì ere_ Job in the Land, he increafed wonderfully and exceedingly. Thusfieref iprx Satan by the molt emphatical words, frill heighten the dealings of copic (9 abur. God with yob, that he may the more debafe the f :rvices of Job'` -mti ` um itupe- towards God., aunt harreá Thou haft blefed (faith he) the n orkof his hands-, and his fub- '?Heifer. Virg.- fiance is increafed in the Land_ We may obferve here firft, That all fuccefs in burnets is from the blefing of the Lord. Satan fpeaks very good divinity here.,' Thou haft bleffed : It is from the Lord. It is laid ofPrep', Gen. 39. 23. That tvhatfgever he did, the Lordmade it to proffer. We may do much, wemay fet our hands to domany things,but we cannot profper any thing. Work - ing is our part, but profpexing is the. Lords part. As it was with uke the Difciples, they could fffh all night, but till Chrifi came they could not catch : when Chri(t came,'the blefling came, and when, the blefiîng came, there was not only fiuhing but catching, and there was catching in abundance. So it is in all the works of mens callings, men.may be labouring, and fweating, and toyling, but