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Chap. r. An!Expofition upon the BookofJ O B. Vert. z i. a denyal,and tell him that all this is falfe; that fob is no fuch man as hereprefents him to be, that he hathmoll prefumptuoully in- truded into Gods peculiar, namely the fecrets of the heart, (for Satan had nothing toaccule him of,that was in light,only he guef. feth at his heart ;.)left God,I fày,thould prefently come and check him thus,for his boldnefs and inipudence,both in contradicting his tefiimony and in charging job with inlincerity , Satan makes a motion in the next. Verle, putforth thine handnow, and touch all t t he bath, and he will curfe thee to thyface : As if Satan thould ha e faid,Lord;ifyou be not fatisfied that thus it is with your fèr- vant job,ifyou will not take my word that he isan hypocrite,and that he doth ferve you only for ends, do but firetch forth your hand, &c. Do but take away that whichyou have given him, and you íhall fee prefentlyhe will take away that which he bath given you ; if you will withdraw his riches, hewill quickly withdraw his fervice. 123 Job I. I I, I2. Eat putforth thine handnow, and touch all that he bath, andhe will curfe thee to thy face. And the LprdfaiduntoSatan, Behold all that he hath in thy poirer,onlyupon himfelfput not forth thinehand, So SatanWent forth from the prefence ofthe Lord. PrHis eleventh verfe contains Satans motion which he fubjoyns 1 tohis Anfwer, verf. i o. Put forth thine band nom. By his Anfwer before he had wounded all the holy fervices of job, and now he leeks to wound his Eflate and poffeflions. His Anfwer was full of malice, and his motion is as full of cruelty. Whom before he had`falfly accufed, he (in thefe words) defireth may be cauflefly aílliEted. Putforth thine hand now. As ifhe fhould have faid : There is a great queflion concerning jobs integrity,this one experiment will quickly decide and determine it, Touchall that he bath,, &c. This motion is grounded (as was before noted) up- on a feareddenial of his Anfwer in the former words, for there Satan had argued after this manner, That is an unfound and an hypocritical profeflion which, is grounded only upon outward K 2 benefits,