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Chap. i. An Expojition upon the Bookof JOB. Vcrf. j I. I 25 them. In the fixth of Either, Verfe 2. Two men were found in th_ Chronicle, who fought to'lay (or put forth) their hands on the King Ahafuerus, feil. they would have 'lain him. Then the meaningof Satan here is, ftretch forth thine hand, let hire fecl theweightof thine hand, in fmitings and fore af`diCtions. Thy hand.. The hand ofGod ii Scripture íignifies,Firft,the purpofe of God, as that, Alh 4. 28. They have done whatfoever thy hand and thy counfil determined before to be done, that is, whatfoever accord- ing to thy purpofe thou didff determine. 2 . The hand of God fig- nines the Spirit ofGod,iü the mighty aCrings and workings of it;, fo a fpirit of prophefie is called the hand ofGod, Ezek, 1. "3. The . handof the Lord was thereupon me; And Ezek. 37. 1. The hand of the Lordwas upon me, that is, the Spirit of theLord, a mighty power of prophefie was upon me : So likewife a fpirit ofifrength that is upon a man, is called the hand of God, a King. 18. ult. The hand of the Lordwas uponElijah, and he girt up his loyns, and rain before Ahab. Here the hand of the Lord is put for the power of the Lord ; putforth thy hand, that is, put forth thy power ; and fo the hand ofthe Lord is ufed often, Ifa. 59. 1. The band of the Lord is notJhortned, that is, the power ofthe Lord is not a bated. The Lord bath a long hand, and his hand is alwayes ofthe fame length ; fo,ifretchforth thine hàndnow, that is,do thou put forth thymighty power. This hand ofthe Lords power (to clear that a little furthhr) is taken three wayes in Scripture. Firfi, For. hisprotectingpower. There is a proteGfing hand, ds yob. IQ. 28. No man is able to pluckthein out ofmyfather r hand, faith Chriff,. God hath his Cheep in his hand, and he ,will proteo and fafeguard them fo,that none fnall be able to pluck them away. This hand God put forth before for fob. Again, It is put for his correfingpower : as Pfal. 32. 4. His hand was heavy upon me, that is, the affliíting hand of God was heavy upon me. Let us fall into the hand of God, (David chofe. that, 2 Sam.24. 14.) that is, into the afflicting hand of God,ra- ther.then into the hands ofmen. It is put thirdly, for a revenging hand, far a wrathful hand, by which he dothdeftroy and break in pieces thofe who are his ene- K 3: Ivies