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2 The d NT.R0D V C T IO N. How fhould I, unlefs Tome man would guide me ? He underflood the language; but the meaningwas under a vail. The very fame may we fay to many1.who read the Scriptures , Underfland you what you read ; And theymay anfwer as the Eunuch did, How can we, except we have fomeman to guideus ? Yea, and alas, for all the guidingofman, theymay,anfwer, how can we, except.we have the Spirit ofGodtoguide us? He bath his Pulpit inHeaven who.teacheth heartr,the heart ofScripture. Paul (we know) was a learned Plíärifee, and much verlHn the Law, and yet he faith ofhimfelf before his Converfion, that he o89. 7 P. was without the Law : but when aria came to him, then the Commandment came to him. I was once alive without the Lam, but when the Commandment came, that is, whenChrift came, and his Spirit came in or after my Converfion, and expounded the Commandment to myheart, then the Commandment came,fc. to my heart in the powerofit,'and I underftood to purpofewhat the Law was. So that tie teachings of the Spirit, the teachings of God himfelf, are chiefly to be looked after and prayed for,- that wemay know the mind of the Spirit, the Will of God in Scrip- ture. . But he bath fet up this Ordinance,theOrdinance of Interpreta- tion to do it by ; both that the Scripturemight be translated out of the Original into the common language ofevery Na tion( which the ApofCie calls interpreting in thatplace before cited ) and alto ß'14r1'` that the Original fence ofthe Scripture might be translated into themind,and underiianding ofevert, .man 5 which is the work we airri at,andnow have in hand. Before I begin that , gite me leave to befeech you in the Name of Chrift, to take care forthe carrying on ofthis Work a degree further : I mean to translate the fence ofScripture into your lives, and to expound the Word ofGod by your works; Interpret, it ./ by your feet , and teach it byyourfingers, (as Solomon fpeaks to ?NV. b. 13. another fence,), that is, let your workings and your walkings be Scripture Explications. It is indeed a very great honour unto this City, that you take care for aCommentaryon the Scripture in writing ; but if you will be careful and diligent tomake a Com- mentary upon the Scripture by living , or to make your lives theCommentary of Scripture , this will make your City glorious indeed. It is she Apofics Tctlimony ofhis Corinthians , Ye (faith he) are a2f0t12,3e