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The INT:R©DVC2?O are our Epifile, for as much as ye are manifeftly declared to be the Epiftlé of Chrtft , miniJtred by us, written not with Ink. but with the Spirit of the ïiviugGod, not in tables of ftone, but in flefhly tables of the heart. Give us we befeech you, the fame occafion ofglorying on your behalf, that we may fay, Youare orer Expofi- tion, for as much as you are manifefily declared in your prahife to be the Expofition ofthe mind of Chrift rniniftred untoyou by us. A walking, `a ,breathing Commentary goeth infinitely beyond the written or fpoken Commentary. And as the Apoíilemakes his conclufion (before noted) I had rather fpeak-five words with my underftanding, then ten thoufandwords in an unknown tongue: So I fay, I had rather know five words of Scripture by my own pratife and experience, then ten thoufand words ofScripture, yea then the whole Scripture ; by the bare Expofition ofanother. And therefore let the word of Chrift by thefe verbal EXplica- fions_, dwell richly in your underftandings in all wifdome : And by a prae`ical Application , let it be held forthplentifully in your lives in all holinefs. Add Commentary to Commentary,and Ex- pofition to Expofition: add the Comment of works to this Com ment ofwords, and an Expofition byyour lives to this Expoftion by our labours. Surely ifyou-do not, thefe Exercifes will be cotlly indeed, and will cometo a deep account againfi you before the Lord. Ifyou are lifted up to Heaven bythe opening of theScripture (which is either a;carrying ofyou up to Heaven, or a bringing ofHeaven down to you,) and thenwalk groveling upon the Earth ; how fore will the Judgement be ! But it is to me an argument and an evidence from Heaven , that God hath put it into your hearts to be more glorious in the pracficeofholinefs,becaufe he hath put it into your hearts todefire more the knowledg ofholinefs. To draw inmy fpeech nearer to the bufinefs. Having a Book full of very various matter before me, give me leave to premife fore things in the general, and fomething more particularly, by way of Preface concerning the Book, beforewe come to the hand- ling the Text. Ertl, For the general. That which,' God fpeaks concerning the whole work of Creation , we may fpeak concerning the whole Book ofScripture, It. is very good. Solomon obferves, that cant whérefeever the wifdome of Cod [rake , it fpal(e ofexcellent things. And David, to quicken our endeavors, and excite our diligence, Pcov.8.6.. '2 to