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28 Chap. t. An Expofitionupon the hookof J O B. Verf.' t, his wife 'ballJúrely he put to death, that is he that doth them the leaft hurt or wrong. So at the 19 Verfe, in that agreement be- twectiAbimelcch and Ijaac,- they conclude thus, That thou wilt do us no hurt, as n-e haveuot toucbedthee, and as we have done unto thee nothing-but good : So that to touch, notes the leaft ill or hurt that, we have not touched thee, that 4s, we havedone no- thing to theebut good: Any thing on this fide. doing of good to them, had been touchingof them. We findthe like exprelfion in Pjl. toy. t5. where the Pfálmiftfpeakingof Gods extraordinary care ofhis people ; Hefufered no man to do. them wrong, he rebuk- edKingsfor theirJokes, [tying, Touch' not mine anointed, do my Prophets noharm. Touch not mine. anointed people, that is the meaning ofthatplace, though in many other places we know Princes are called, the anoynted ofGod:yet here it is meant of the people ofGO in general, they are Gods ánoynted (as the Context clearly carries it) for they have all receivedUnction from God,ati UnctionofGrace, an UnC ionof the Spirit, and an Union of 'Priviledge. Touch not mine anoynted, that is, do themnot the leafi hurt. And the fètace that thefe words maybear; Putforth thy hand onw and touchall that he bath, might be carried as if Satan here intended only a touch in the latter fence; Givehim, but the leaft firoak, lay but the lighteft atfliáionupon him, do but touch him you a-re fo confident ofyour fervant job, that he is fuck a man, do but give him the leaft touch,and you (hall fee how he will dif- cover himfèlf. So fame expound it. He doth notfay, wound him, fmite him, break him to pieces, . Si vet extremo but touch him onely, Neither faith he, touch him, but his : And drgi,uloteri- if thou give him but a touch with the topofthy little finger,thou nt taigas bono thalt prefently find the rottennefsof his heart. In that fence the f tmu 6f nr word imports an extenuationofjob's fincerity, or the heightning r,,ul,,ram;frobt- of f ob's hypocrifie: as ifhe had been fo rotten in his profefiion,that tatemmanifyie the leaf{ touch would overthrow him,and make him difcover him- comperies. feifto be.ftark nought. Like the Apples growing about Sodom, which have fair outfides, but ifyou touch them they moulder a- way into dull and attics. Though the words baye this fence in them,and Satan carries it cunningly, expreflinghimfelfin fuch ambiguous terms, -yet cer- tainly Satan had a further intendment, whatfoever,his language may bear : he had an intention that job fhould be touched in the former fence,namely,that he I`hould have a touch to thequick,as we fay,