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Chap- a. AnExpoftionupontheBookofJOE. Verf.ii. i33 far enough from thee, he.only bleffed thee withhis lips and to thy face:indeed this interpretationhath a fair face, but touch itlry a ferious examination,and. t will be found without aheart.The con- ffruElion of Grammar is quite againfl it : and for us to change the Text,and make it to fpeak in the preterperfeó tenfe,ofa thing paff,whereas the words are in.the future tenfe,ofanad to bedone for the time to come, is too much boldnefswith Scripture.There- fore though that opinion hath.a plaufible fence in it,yet I (hall lay . it by., and take the ordinary translation,, that he indeed intended this, that Job would break; forth into blafphcmous revilings of God,if God did but try him with an oflidion. And when he faith that yob would do it to hit face, the mean- ing of it is, that he would do it openly : he will curfe thee open- ly, he will curie thee.boldly, he will not go behind the door to tell talcs of thee, but he will fpeak ofit before all the world, that thou art a cruel .God,and unjufi God, and a hard 'Mailer,. he will tellfuch tales of thee , even to thy very face. We have a like fpeech, Gal.z.i a .When Peter was come to Antioch,/ withflood him, to theface (faith Paul,) that is, openly, .I did, note go behind his back to tell Peter his own, but I told him it to his face , p.lainIy, openly before them all, Cas it is explained, verf..14.) I faid:to Peter before them all, that were then prefent. Jerome (because he would not have Peter receive fuch an open reproof; judg- ing it would be a difparagement to Peter, to be rebuked by Paul) gives a quite .contrary fence of thole words of .Paul; Iwithflood bim to hUface, that is, faith he, I did fpeak fotnewhat roughly to him before them, but there was no filch thing in my heart. I did it but tohisface, very slightly, left I (hould offend the Jews, whole ApeíllePeter was ; and Idid it to his face, a little, that I might fatisfie the Gentiles who were fcandalized by Peters walk- ing : Otherwife inmy heart I had no quarrel with,;Peter, ; he and I agreed well enough. As ifPaul had made but a shadow fight (adfaciendumpopulum) to delude the people.. Eut w:e mull not be thus wife : I withfoodhim to hid-face', is not oppofed to with- flanding.him cordially, but to a withffandingof _him fecretly, or behindhis back. So here, be will cu> fi theeio tryfaçe, that is, he will curie. thee (as the,Greek Scholia(l-.hath it);openlya and pudently , ,himfelf*indeed ;was afraid rt le(ï his {lines had . curfed:'xvn "s viva God in their hearts,bitt for all thisniceness, and. fsiemjng fear; of v"vnws. ischildrensfnning in fecret, he will carte thee with i mpudence, S3 he