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'"r"!in I! x34 Chap -I 1In Expofition upon the Bookof.J QB. Va. it. he will not only curie thee in hisheart, but the curie will break out at his lips : Out of the abundance of bis ,heart, his mouth will fpeak blafphe»ty againft God: He will curfe thee to thy face. We may give fome exemplifications, what it is to curfe God, to blafpheme God thus to his face. You may read what it is , Mal. 3. 1¢. Tour words have been Rout againft me, faith the Lord , you have fpoken to my very face : Why what had they fpoken to the Lord ? What bave wefpokenfay theyfo much againfb thee ? Te have Paid, it is vain to ferve God , and what profit is it :kit we have kept his Ordinances, and that we have walked mournfully before the Lordof Hofts ? &c. This is tocurfe God to his face : when the wayes ofGod are biafpherned, and the wor- 'hipof God reported as unprofitable, when men fay it is in vain to ferve Gód, when they call afperfions and bring up an evil name upon any holy duty,this is to bláfpheme Cod. They did on- ly fpeak againft the fervice ofGod, and they thought they had not blafphemed God in it, Wherein have wefpoken againft thee? Yes, faith God, you. have fpoken'agaïnft me,in that you have fpo- ken againft-and di4`credited mywayes.So iflob had Paid, the ways of God are unprofitable, and I fee now it is in vain to ferve God and-to fear him,this had beenblafphemy and curling of God to his face. Davidwas near upon thevery brink of this blafphe- my, Pfal. 73. 13. when he laid, Ihave cleanfed my heart in vain, and wafhed my hands in innocency, becaufe (faith he) I amplagued every morning; the judgments and afflictions that were upon him,, begair'to make him break out thus. But he prefently befouls himfelf for fuck fpeeches, and by that repairs God in his honour. Secondly,To quarrel and be angry with the providenceofGod, as ifhe were not wife or jul or good inhis difpenfations,eithe to particular períbns`or to the Church, this I fay likewifi-is .a cur fing, a reproachingofGod Thirdly, To curfe the fervat is and peopleofGod is to curfe God ; it he that touches them touches Gil, thenhe that curfeth themcurfeth God too.And God is cürfcd in any ofthefe fences two ways;Arll;btdetradingfrorn worthip,hhis works, pr h.isfervart`, ttie good#her hate, orb} fatliiing'`tin them and afpezling them vilith eheedtl which. thq have not.