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,,, 138 Verf. 12.. An Expofüion uen the Bookof j O.B. Chap. I. Multiiydto and atifwered out ofanger, not out of love. The children of If. Deoea;audian- rael required meat for their lufts,. and God, gave it them, he did tur, utt spron not withhold from them their deefire, they were not: fhortned' of :ributr quod their lulls, they had it prefntly many times his own fervants votunt,ut quod call,and call again,move and move again,and obtain nogrant :For votunr,ut quod this thing Ib:Jought the Lord tbrice,faitit Paul, yet Paul could not uttte ell) ttt- have what he fought. Satan did but move once, and prefenity.all boat, dugu(i. that Job had was inhis hand. áCor. 12.8, But further, that which is chiefly hereto be obferved is, That until! God gives comrnifon, Satan bath nopower over theefiates ©r perfons of Gods people ,+Pr over any thing that belongs unto them. Neither our perfons,nor our eftates,are fìabjeo} to the will either ofmen or 11evils , Chrift muli fay, All that he. bath is in thy hand, before Satan can touch a £hoe-latchet_: As Chrift Paid John 19. ai. into Pilate, when. he fpake fo ftoutly, knQwefi,.thou not that I havepower to crucifie thee, andpower:to releafe thee?He thought that he, had all power in his hand : but Chrift tells him, Thou coula have no power at all againft me,unlefS it weregiven thee from above. If the Devils could not go into the (wine, much, lets can they an ddle with a man,madeafter Gods image,tillGod gives them leave. Every foul that ha tit intereft in Chrift may fuck con fort and confolation in the faddcft,in the forrowfulleit day from thebreaft ofthis truth. IfSatan and wicked men cannot move till Chrift faìth,go,nor wound till Chrift faith ftrike, nor fpoil, nor kill, till Chrift faith, their awes, their lives are in your power, Purely Chrift will not (peak a word to their hurt,whom he loves, nor will he ever fuller his enemies to do a real damage to his friends. Befides, it may (fill the foul with unfpeakable joy, to re- menber,¡that while a man is futfering,the will ofChrift is a doing. Thirdly,Satan doth very wickedly(according to his nature,)in moving thatJobmay be aiilided. He moveth in malice and in fpight;God knew what his heart and intent was and yet grants It, We may note fromhence. That whichSatan andevil men define finfull, the Lord grants he lily, The will of God and the will of Satan joyned both in the fame thing ; yet they were as different as light and darkncfs,their ends were as different as their natures: Though it, were the fame thing theyboth wiiled,yet there was aninfutíts,dif}nce,between i.them in willing it.. Thewill ofSatan.wàs hnlüll, but the power given