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Chap. i, An Expofition upon the BookofJ OB. Verf. 12. 139 ; given Satan was jult. Why ? bccaufe his will was from hirdelf, but his power was from the will of God. Satan had nopower to doe mifchiefbut what God gave him, but his will to do rnif- chief was from himfelf. Therefore we find that the fame fpirit is Laid tobe an evil fpirit,and tube a fpirit from the Lord,and yet the Lord dothnot partake at all in the evil ofthe fpirit,as i Sash. 16. 14. The f pieit of Lord departed from Saul, and an evil fpirit from the Lord troubledhim, An evil fpirit from the Lord, onus idemque how was it anevil fpirit, if it were from the Lord ? can the Lord ó niabpet_ fend forth any evil from hirnElfwho is only good ? In that he latur g malus. was evil, that was from his own will ; but that he had power to Dor»ini per li- trouble Saul, that was fromthe Lord : So here, Satans will and renriampote- interit were moff wicked, thefe were fromhimfelf; his power toil sfidieefi'dea3 affliéf lob was from God, and that was good. Satan willeth Job rium veolu7 ratia Ihould be afflióed for his def{ruóion, God willeth it only for his injußa,Grrg. tryal and probation.Satan defreth it that God may be blafpheln- ed; but God willeth it that himfelf might be glorified. Satan, Saranavoiun% willeth it,that fo others in his example might be fcandalized and tas /emper íni' ditheartned from entering into the ferviceof God, feeing how ill quafrar. helped ; but God willeth it that others might be tirengthned and ufla,Greg. incouraged to enter intohis fervice, beholding a man under fuch Derenaëeobo- heavie preffures, and yet not (peaking ill of God or ofhis wages. nua efl ut nulto Satan willeth it,hoping thereby jobwould difcover his hypocri- mnemoltt'er fie ; but God willeth it knowing that he would therein difcover inde majors his integrity. So then, though the fame thing was willed, yet bcrt, e1iciturus there was a vaft difproportion in their ends and intentions ; and t.Oat. though the power by which Satan did afliEf job was from God, yet the evil intent withwhich he áfIiiaedhim was fromhimfelf. Thus we feehow God without any (lain or touch ofevil grants this, whichSatan did moil wickedly defire. Itfolloweth, Only upon himfelfthoufhall notput forth thy hand. God gives a commiflion, but it is with a limitation, there is a refiriiionin it Only upon himfelf,&c.that is,not upon his per fop, not his body,thou Ihalt not affli6 that withdifefes; not his foul, thou Ihalt not affli6i that with temptations. Hence note, That God hinefélfLet: bounds to the affliflionr of hispeople ; he limits out how far every aficîion shall go, and how far 'every inffrument ¡hall prevail : as he loth with the Sea, Hitherto T a (faith