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Chap.i. An Expofition upon the Bookof J O B. Verf. 12.. I L himfelf, &c. He had a mind to have gone further,he would have been upon yob himfelf, as well as upon his eftate, if God had not ¡top'd and curb'd him.Therefore the Apoftle gives that affuranee for the comfort of the people of God, I Cor. Io.. 13. God ( faith he ) ie faithfull, who will notfuffer,you to be tempted above that youare able : As ifhe fhould fay, Satan would with all his heart lay more upon you,than you are able to bear , Satan would break your backs ifhe were let aloüe;,but: God will not fuffer,it. Satan bath a boundlefs malice againft the people of,God. Some obferve this from his name Leviathan, Ifa. 27. r. In that day the Lord with his great and firong Sword (hall punifh Leviathan thepier - cing Serpent. Leviathan is put there for Satan, and for all the . inftruments of Satan now Leviathan fignifieth in the Hebrew. an augmentation, anaddition, or an inereafe.: And Satan is fo cal- Dicirurt.eda- led,becaufe (fay they) he ever defires to laymore burthens upon, than,i.e. Mdr- to increafe the .a#fliO}ions troubles and temptations of Gods peo- tamentum five ple,he never thinks he hathdone enough againft them. His thirft (iug'nut to work ruifchief is never quenched, but ¡till he defires to doj}romalocon- rnote,he would fain have his Commif ion inlarged to do more tentus efl, nut mifchiefin the world. ThereforeGod_is -paid not t3 ftrike after tam poteflarem their (croak, in the7. verfe ofthat 27. of Ifa. Hath he fmittenfbui fates rßë him as he Emit thole th.a ¡`mote him ? In the Hebrew it is, He purarptus f. bath not mitten him according to the firoak of thofe that mote btid) efl t,n fin f , . Ì f adi nabH tna- him : according to theirflroal\, noting that the firoak of Levia-, thrum plus in- than and the firoak ofhis inftruments is anunmeafurable firoak, a ferrifemp*po- boundlefs firoak, they would never give over ftriking : Thelidat.Pined.2. think the wound -is never deep enough, nor blood flied enough: but faith theProphet, verle 8. God dotb it in meafure ; fo that he oppofeth their,ftriking to Gods aftliEfing,by the meafureofit.God .keepeth his aflliCions in fuch abound and compafs, he affliCs in meafüre;but.Satans firoak and the (croaks ofwicked men are with- out all meafure,that is,without all moderation: unlefs God Prop them, they would never make an end. Laftly,obfervehowSatan is by this proveda deceiver;he intended more then he fpake:youmay fee it plainly in this,becaufe God put a.xeftraint upon him.Touchall that he hath,ftrithSatan;that referr'd to his polféffions & outward eftate,as if that- had,been the min of Satan in the motion.Do but afflid him in his outward eftate;I de. fire no more to make this tryal:nová when the Lord faith,A11 that thyhand, there he grants him themotion in the letter T3. of.