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Index animi vul rus. Verf. 12. An Expofition upon the Bookof 1,O B. Chap. a, of it:but the Lord God taw that Satan had a further reach, when he faid,Touch all that he hath,whichwords feern to extendno fur- ther then his eftate;but hadnotGod li mi.ted_and refirained him,he by an infinite grant to his motion had likewife fallen uponhis perm fon, that was the great model he gaped after all this while, he would have been doing with job himfelf, elfe therewas no need of this limitation,Only upon himfelfput notforth thy hand; Satans fingers itch to be medling withJob,though his words called for what he had, not for himfelf. And Satanwent forthfrom the prefence of the Lord. As loon as he hath leave, and his Commitüon, he is gone pre - fently, He went out from theprefence of the Lord. The word is, he went out from the face ofthe Lord : Now theface ofthe Lord in Scripture it is taken fometimes for the effential glory of God, that inacceßïble Majefly ofGod., Exod. 33. ult. Thou cantt not behold myface. Sometime the face of God is put for the favour .and love of God, Caufe thy face to thine upon thy Saneluary which is *Pate, Dan. 7.19. And cattle thyface to Thine upon thy fervant : So in many other places the face of God is put for the favour of God, becaufe the favour and love ofa man is leen and difcavered in his face : fo there isfomewhat in thofe dealings of God which difcover God; he is laid tomake his face to thine upon his people, when he Both difcover by.any at of his,that he loves and favours them ; that is the shiningof hisface upon them. The face interprets the heart, and fhewes the meaningof the fpirit : fo in thofe things which interpret fomewhat of the love of God to us, God is laid ro makehis face thine upon us. On the other fide, the face ofGod is put fometimes for the anger and wrath ofGod, becaufe anger is ken in the face too; fo in thofe things by which God difcovereth his anger,he isPaid to let his face agaìnft men, there is an exprefs place for it in this fence,Lam.4,16. The anger of the Lord (the Hebrew is,theface of the Lord) bath divided them that is, theLord bath done fuch things as have the character of anger upon them, that. do reprefent and hold forth nothing but the auger of the Loid unto a people,and that anger ofthe Lord is called the face of the Lord unto a people. Thirdly, by the face of the Lord in Scripture,we may undcrfland the ordinances and the worfhip of God,becau:fe in them &by themGod isrevealed,rnani- fefted and known to hispeople, as a mán is known lay his face: So