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144 Chap. I. An Expiofition upon the BookofJ OB. Verf. 13. committed untohim againti the people ofGod,againft any parti- cular member, or against the Church in general : as Coon as ever hehath but his Commiflion to a tha he is gone about it in- ¡tautly. As the good Angels in Heaven are defcribed to have wings, becaufeas loonas ever they have received a command from God, they are upon the wing,they fly as it were,to fulfil the will of God ; and in that fenfe go out ofhis prefence : So Satan and the wickedAngelsare upon the wing too in that fenfe,as loon as ever they have received power, prcfently put it in excuti- on. And we may in this make Satan himfelfour pattern. As we praythat the will of God may be done in earth as it is in Heaven, inHeavenby thegood Angels : So in this fence (I fay) we may delire that we may do the will ofGodwith as much fpeed as the evil Angels. It is not unwarrantable to learn from Satan fpeedily to be doing about the will of God. JOB t. 13, 14. Andthere was a day when hisfont andhis daughterswere eating and drinking wine in their eldefl brothershoufe. And there came a meffenger tinto Job,andfail, The oxen were plowing, and the Affes feeding be fdes them AndtheSabeans fell upon them, &c. 4N the former context we Chewed you the affíiffionof Job,mo- ved by Satan, and permitted by God ; Touch all that he hat, , is Satans motion ; All that he bath is in thine hand, is Godsper- mitfion. From this a 3. verfe to the end of the 19. the affliaions of Job are particularly defcribed ;andwe mayobferve fixparticulars in the Context concerning his afilidions. a.The time or feafon ofhis afidions;And there was aday when his fans and daughters were eating anddrinking Wine in their eldeft brothers houfe, verf. a 3 . z. The infiruments or the means cf his afllidions. Satan who undertook the affliftingofJob, Elands as it were behind the door, he doth not appear in it, but sets on others. His inffruments were firf}, cruel and bloody minded men, the Sabeans verle 15. The Chaldean'',