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Chapa 1. AnExpofition upon the Book.of J O B. Verf.12. 143 So in the old Teftatnent,coming to God in thole inftitutions was called a'gearing beforeGod, becaufe in them God hád promifed;to manifeft himfelfunto his people. Le ly, the face of God is put for the common and generali pretence of God in the world, by which he fillcth Heaven and Earth, Pfal. 139. 7. Whither Jhall I go from thy prefence? Nowwhen. it is faid that Satan wentforthfrom the faceof God, orfrom theprefence ofGod, it cannot be underftood in the frft or in the fécond fènfe, for he cannot fo come into the pretence of God or before the face ofGod : before his face of glory, or before his laceof favour, Satan never Caine; nor ever (hall. And as the pretence of God is taken for his worship ; fo Satan cares not to come intohis. pretence. Lattly, as the face of God fi.gnifìes his common andgeneral pretence in the world;fo Satan cannot_pof fiblygooutfrom his face, Whither !hall Igofrom thy prefence?nor. P Ç1 139. men, nor devils are able to go out ofthe pretence of the 'Lord, in that fence, for he fillcth Heaven and Earth. Then thefe words, He went outfrom theprefence ofthe Lord, are fpoken after the manner of men. When a fervent cometh Hominummore to his Mailer to receive commiflion to do Tome bufinets and hath toquitur, aqui_ his errand given him, then he goeth out from the pretence ofhis hurferviexe_ Mailer about his bufinets. So Satan comes here upon a. bufinets untoGod, he makes a motion, and defrethto have fuch power guaabitlis put into hishand todo fuch and fuch things the _Lord grants :'It, acceperunt, and as loon as ever he had his difpatch, he goeth out ofthe pre- fence of the Lord.So that the meaning is only this,that Satan left offfpeaking with God, left off moving God- any further at that time, and went out to execute that which he got commiflion to do,. as fervants go out from the pretence of theirMatters, when they have received warrant. ordiredionwhat to do.While a fer- vent is inexpeçfation of his meffage or errand fo longhiseyes are upon his Matter, Oisr eyes wait upon thee, O God,, as the,'eyes of fervour look, unto the hands of their Maffers, Pfal. 123. 3, The eyes offervantswait upon the face of their Mafter, till they have received their meffage, and then they go out from their pre- fence. . It.notes.the fpeedthat Satan makes when he receivefh power from.God toatilie, o t to chaften and try any of his children, he makes no flay, piefently he goeth out from the prele ce of. the Lord. §atan is fpeedy and a tiveinexecuting any power that 'is committed.