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Chap. 1. An Expofition upon the Bookof 7 0 B. VerC t 6. 165 one Sacrifice of them all. ButOrigen brings in jobexcellently re- -totting this.fuggeftion upon Satan. I facriticed now one and then another ofmy Cheep to God, but now blcffed be God, who hath accepted all my flock as one burnt -offering. Again, the jhee.p were confumed by fire, as to make yob con- ceive that hisformer ferviceswere rejected, fo to:take him off and difcourage him from offering any more fuels "fervices ; to make him defpair ofever thriving in theway ofthole duties : and con- clude, furely God is fo angry now, that all my fervices,áll my fa- crfi es will never appeafe him nor profitme : therefore I were as good lay by- tliefe duties as perform them, when I get no good. This is a dangerois-ter í tattoo ; ifSatan by fuch prejudices a- gainft holy duties,can carafe,us' to lay them by,the day is won':for then the foul is left naked and unarmed.We have not then fomuch as a bullrufli in our hands to (mite him,or a paper breaft-plate to fecure our felves.Ifwe give over praying and feeking,we have no ground to expeíf Chrift either afiflingorprote6ting us. That for the fecond affliion. While he wasyetfpeahzng,tbere came alfo another,andfaid,the'Cal- deans madeout three bands,andfell upon the Cammelr, and have carried them away,e c. This is the thirdafi iaion, the takingawayalb:: Cárrrels,the deftroyingof the fervants that waited, upon them. There is not much to flay upon in this, havingbefore opened molt ofthe paf- fages of it in the 15. ;pre. While he wasyet fpeáking there came alfa another, andfaid,the Chaldeans made out three bands. Caldeans fometime note a con- dition or a rank ofmen, fuch. as were Diviners, Soothfayexs and q,ftrologers, there are. in Scripture_.called Caldean:, As the In- dians called filch skilfi l-perfons Gymnofophifls, and the Perfians called them their Magi, and the Romans called them 4ugurer, fo the Affyrians called them Caldean;. When Nebuchadnezzar dreamed a dream, it is faid that he fent for the Diviners, and the Aftrologers, and the 'Caldeans ; and afterward the ¡Caldeans fake up all, he faid to the Caldean:, and theCaldeans faid to the King ::The Çhaldeans were put for all:thofe that undertook the art of Diviningand interpretingdreams. But here by the Cal - deans, are to be underftood, not a condition ofmen, but a Nation ofmen, or thepeople inhabiting Caldea, frequently fpoken of 3 s