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'166 'Chap. it. An Expofitionttpotatbe Sookof J O$, Verf. ag, by the Prophets,anddefcribed to the life by the Prophet Habak- kuk,Chap.i.where the Lord threatned to _fend the Chaldean: a- gainft his poeple, and then defcribes them, That bafty andbitter Nation, their Horfes arefwifter then the Leopard, and more rave- ning then the eveningWolves: fuch akindofpeople theywere who' were furred up by Satan to take away the Cammels ofjob. Thefeare laid to make out three bands to fpoil ; they were a people like the Sabeanr,delighting in war and robbery ; fo much theEtymologie of their Name Chafdim(which is the word in the 'Original) implieth, being derived fromSadad, which fignifieth to rob and fpoile. Thefe were a wicked generation, yet thefepre- vail over the eftate ofjob; vif.forydoth -not alwayes attend a juft caufe. Theway ofthe wickedoften pro(pers,and the way ofthefe wicked - Chaldean: profpered fo often, that the Prophet Habak; kukcomplains to'Göd as one fcandalizedat it : 7bou art of purer eyes then to beholdevil,andcanft not lookon iniquity,wherefore look- 41 thou upon them that deal treaeberoufly,and boldejt thy tongue when the wicked devoureth the man that is more righteous then halfvet we Mouldbe brought upon a like cafe, to argue it thus with God, or (as Jeremiah did, chap. i2. a.) toplead withGod about his judgments,let us remember toefiabiith our hearts(beforewe open ourmouths)with the Prophet jemmies conclufion in that place, Righteousart thou 0Lord, though the wicked devour the man that is more righteous then he.ltis very rare that God makes one good man his rod to fcourge another : he ufitally makes the warft ofmen his rod, his flare, his (word, to °intlidt either tryalls or judgements upon his people.The durty Skullion fcowrs the flyer veal, and makes it both clean and bright for his Mailers ufe. Verf. r 8.While be wasyet fpeaking,there came alfoanother andfaid, tby Sons and thy daug ,terrwere eatingand drinkingwine in their eldei brothers bowie . Verf 9.Andbehold,there came agreat windfromthe wildernefs,aud ¡mote thefour corners of the hcufe,andit feó upon theyoung men, and they are dead andIonly am efeapcd alone to tell thee. T His was as the fourth andlaft Ifö the greateft ofall Sátans aî faults,the moll fierce and terriblecharge tiaat Job had all the day, and Satan referves this until!, the evening, till Job was (pent and