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Chap. I. An'Expofition upon the Bookof J O B. Vert.' 9. Ibg ly did David lament Abfolams death ? Some conceive this was the head ofthe Arrow that piercedhim, becaufehe feared his Con died in a finfull condition, he was fuddenly taken away in his re- bellion, unreconciled either to God or man.Such a thougi.t might fall upònlobs heart ;my childrenare fuddenly dead,and dead fea= fling, itmaybe they forgot God, it is poflible they finned in fe,3 fling; a ad cut d God in their hearts. Alas mychildrendied before they could fo much as think of death : I feare they are gone re- joycing to Heil, where they (hall weep forevermore. Doubtlefs Satan did or might fallen fuck a temptation upon his heart who was fo tender of his childrens fouls, and fo fearful! oftheir fin- 'ning in feafting. So then, it is cleare from all thefe particular con- fiderations,that this was the greateft afif ion. Be prepared then, not only to receive another aftiifion, but to receive a greater afllition,and have thoughts ofreceiving the Brea- tel} all:li lion at the laft/Satan will come with his ftrongeft afíàu is when thouartweakdit. At the time ofdeath,when hefeeth he can do no more, butthat he mull thendoeit,or never doe it,then thou Liralt be lure to havethe ftrongeft temptations. It { hould therefore flit up the people of God, ítí11 to looke for more and more ftrength to beare aflllifcions and tentations, and to beg from Chrift' the greatett lrength at lait, becaufe they may jultly feare the greatene temptations at laft. If as Satan Both greaten his temptations, Chrift doth greaten his 'alíìfiance, we {hall be able to beare them, and be more then conquerours over. them. So muchof this fourth charge in the generali; I (hall now open the words more .particularly ( for thole in the 18. verle I (hall not need tofay any thing of them, they have beenhandled before at the 13. verle, which runs thus : And there was a day when bis finsand his daughters were eating and drinkingwine in their gldeff Brothers houfe, ) The 19. verle difcribes themanner of this trial; And behold there came a great wind from the Wilder,- . fe, &c: Anti behold,] Ecce, orbehold, in Scripture ever notes more Ereadverb(- thenordinary matter following. I. Great things call for atten- amdemo.ftra . tion;; 2. That which is fudden and unexpef&ed, cals us to behold diufurpanv iK St Rare, things things feldom feen, invite all to fee and wonder br narabili- tem. Hereasmatter of admiration. What God threatens in # e Law, he teems to fulfill upon job: Iwiltimake their Plagues Dent. 2S. sD Z wenderfull