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j70 Verf. r9: .t:.14d .IEgpnjtiàtt upon the Bßoli,of J OB. .1-hap. wonderfull:;There is no..Eece prefixed to any of the former three af- fliuions; but this as being themoil lirange and terrible, comes in with anEcce, Andbehold Them came a great winde.] It was a wind, anda great wind that Ventar a vio_ came. The wind is elegantly Paid to come ( as the Sun ) out of ieatia 6vehe- his chamber,and rejoycing as a firong man to run a.raçe,PJá1.19.5, mentia nomen Hence the word which theLatinesufe for the wild; is 'derived 3abet- quad froma word that lignifies to came; Becaufe the wind comes with venial obunde, force and violence. The wind in the nature oft is an exhalati ,ß magna vi- inuat in urntaon arifing from the, earth, drawn upwards by the power of the aliquent lo_ Sun and other Heavenly bodies, but meeting and confióii g a cam while with the cold ofthe middle regionof the air,is beaten back Magac.Phyf. again; And being fo light that naturally it cannot defcend, and to refilled that it cannot peaceably afcend, it takes a courfe between both, flattingwith mighty violence through theair. Thus Philo- phers teach. This wind is laid to have been a great wind : great in quantity, much wind, a large wind;great Ian iuquality, ave- hement, boifirous,'angrywind. Further, this wind is delcribed by the coaft ar quarter from which it lareathed. °Iwo From thewildernefs.] Or as the Hebrew is,from beyond the owl- 3` 1.dernefs, from the other fide of the wildernefs this wind came. regioneha- Winds are differcnçed by the quartexs.or points ofthe Heavens erri,vel a out ofwhich they blow; This wind is defcribed by thepike from ¡mat defirtun. whence it came, from the Coati out ofwhich it was railed, it iväs from beyond the wildernefs. There were many widernefi';és. Here wildernefs is let down in- definitely. There wasthe wildernefs ofMaori, :and the wildernefs ofZipb,andmanyotherwildern.efïes fpokenófin Scripture 'Wl at wildernefs was this ? It is conceived, that this was either the wildernefs ofYd meá,pr Edom,fpoken of2 King.3.8.or elfe it was Arabia thel efeit,wkiich is by way ofeminencycalledThe wildernef.r. Ít came fxòín thewi1- dernefs,that is, it cameover thatpart which is'dalled"lrabiádéfer- ta, or Arabia the wild... When it is faid,this`wind ráíné fróri the wildernefs, the cóáft is cleared, but the caufe and flrrer upof this" mind Was concealed. Awind came from the wildernefs,;. but how' this wind wa r $- :fed, and this formwas blown .üa there i ito trierittbn. °EVE; r6uft ,J ) . t' charge it on him who was the Condit( t at d zrOgr-dfa l is ttociti r,1 rrt l r ` nnifcttl ;