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Chap. I. AnExpofition upon the Bookof J O B. Verf. 2. 177 assrearesuarmamos Verf. 20. Then Job arofe,andrent his mantle, andPavedhis head, a ndfell down upon theground andworfhipped. Verf. 21. Andfaid,Nakedcaqze I out ofmylVlotbers wombiand naked pall I return thither : the Lordgave, and the Lord bath taken away,hleffedbe the name ofthe Lord. Verf. 22. In all this Jobfinned not, nor chargedGodfoolifbly. Thefe three verfes contain the third Divifion of the Chapter, as we [hewed in the Analyfis ofit. We have feen in the firti, the' Caaraaer ofjob in his profperous efiate,and the defcriptionof his profperity. We have feenhis affiiáions,in thecaufes, in the time, in the initruments, in thematter, and in the manner of infliding them. In this third part we have the carriage offob, how fob tooke it, how he behaved himfelf in this fad condition.. And likeivife how God took it that Job did fobehave himfelf.(So then, Wemay note two things inthe general out ofthefe 3.verfes. I. We have the carriage ofjob, his behaviour, 2. Wehave the Teflitnony of God concerning his carriage and behaviour. The carriage and behaviour of fob is laid down, verfe 20. 21. And concerning his carriage, the Text gives us to con- fider, I. what yob did. 2. What Jobfaid. i. What he did, and that is in the 20. verfe., and there we find mentioned five dittind adions ofJobupon the receiving ofthe re- lation ofhis affiiáion. . He arofe. 2. He rent his mantle. 3. Hefbavedhis head. A. Hefell down upon theground. 5. Ile worfhipped. 2. What hefaid, and that is in the 2I. verfe, And befaid,,Nakd came I out ofmy mothers womb, and naked,&c. His fayings contain two firong and undeniable argumentai Propofitions, and one clear Conclufion, flowing naturally from themboth, or fromeither of them ; by whichhe doth acquit the Lord inhis afiliding of him, andalfo fupport and ttrengthen his own foul under thofe afttaions. A a The.