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178 Chap. r. ,An .Expof:tion upon the B:oolr,pf J. OB. Verf. 20. The teltimony ofGod concerning Job'scarriage in the 22,verf. The Lord comes in, as it were like an Zlmpire to determine who got the day , which is refolved when he faith, Lt all this Job finnednot, nor chargedGod foolifhly. Thefe words exprefly. fet the Laurel ofVidory upon the head. of Job. Satan undertook that job (iftouched) would curfe God ; now faith God, Iook upon him touch'd, fee what he hath done, examine all his actions that are pathobferve what he hath fpoken,weigh every word that hath comeout-of his mouth in the ballance of truth and reafon ; and., when thou 'haft, done both,tell me whether he bath yet curfed me. I .prorfounce, that in all het-lath done,iri all he hath faid, Job hath not charged Gòd foolifhly, That in the general for the firmof the Context,for the partsofit. Tö begin firfi with what Job did, his a'd}ions. Then Job arofe, and rent hismantle,&e. Then] Job flood out the threeformer,affaultsunmoveable; but when he had received the fourth, then his bowels were moved, And then, &c. Job arofel This was hisfrrft aC.fion.Toarife,is properly,anadof one that fi'tteth;he is faid to arife that before didftor lye.But yet, in Scripture to arife is not al ways taken foftrialy, neither isitin this place.Toarife in theScripture languagenotestwothings.Firft, the ípeedinefs ofdoing a thing : when aman doth a thing inftant- ly or prefently,he is laid toarife to do it, to arife anddo it,though he were ftanding or walking before.This is anHebraifine,He arife andrent his mantle, that is,. Heprefently rent his mantle, upon the hearing of.thefemeffager, efpecially the Jail. And fo you have the word in diversplaces, as Judg. 20. 18, The children Ifrael arofe, andwent to the houfe of the Lord; that is,they went prefently up to the_houfe ofthe Lord,2 Sam. 14.. 31.Then Joab arofeand went to Abfolom, the-meaning is only this, that upon the. receiving of that M ieffige, he went with fpeed he madeno delayes : And Ne- hem. 2. IS. when Nehemiah exhorted them to the great work of . building the houfe oftheLord, thepeople Chewing their willing- nefs and readinefsexpreft it thus, Let us rife upandbuild: that is, let us build (as we fay) out ofhand, fpeedily, Secondly, To arife implies the courage,,conflancyand f rength ofthole who undertake or go about abufrnefs ; they arifeanddot- it, that is, they do it w;th fpirit ; So here it may .import as ih