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i84 Chap. Y. An Expofitionupon the Bookof J OB. Vere 2a. Further we find, that the cutting off the haire, the fhavingof the head, was a figa ofbondage and reproach. When David fent Melfengers to Hamm, Samuel records, that Hanun, took the mef- z Sam, to, 4; fengers, and'hayedoff the one halfof their beards, and cut of their garments in the middle, and the men wer e exceedingly athamed; now the fhame was not only becaufe their beards were half cut off ; for if that had been all, theymight quickly have cut off the other half, and have delivered themfelves from the fhame, for they were at liberty: but it is therefore laid that the men wer greatly athamed, becaufe among(} them it was a marke of fhame and flaverj' to be (haven. Hereupon David giveth order that they fháuld tarry at Jericho , till their beards were grown. It was a dithonour to be shaved and it is noted in Plutarch concernin g iDemo(ihenes, that when he had a mind to fit dole at his fiudy, and wouldnot go abroad, or to be interrupted byvisits of friends at home,that hewould (have himfelf,that fo he might beafhamed to goforth or fee any body, but be conftrained to keep to his Ezek, zç. 18. Book for two or three monthes together till his haire weregrown again : The bondage and reproach that Nebuchadnezzar Criniefili brought upon Tyrus is thus defcribed, Every bead was made bertatù argu- bald. And AriJlotleobferves,that thehaire wasa token ofliberty. mentum. Anü. Thus the (having of the head in yob might be a fign both z Rketor, of his forrow and great reproach that was come upon him,being onenow that was ready to be mocked and made the Rona and by-word of the world, as we fee afterward he was, during this affli Lion. Yet it is confiderable fromScripture example, that the cutting offthc haire, and thaving of thehead, had not alwayes either of thrfe fignificat ons hitherto difcufs'd, but did vary according to the diverfity of places andof times. In the Book of Genefis, we read that cutting and (having of the haire, was a token of joy and liberty both together. When ,7ofeph was deliveredout ofpri- Gen.4t.34. fon, it is laid, that be shaved himfelf, and came to Pharaoh. And a Sam, 19 24. it is noted concerning Mephibofheth, as a matter of his forrow for David: abfence, that he let his hair grow. He trimmed not his heard, being much troubledat the Kings abfetce. I confefs nei- ther of thefe inftances come home enough to the point : both of thefe neglecting thecare and culture of their bodies in their trou- bles, now being delivered, prepare themfelves by (having and ttimtningxhe haire for the prefence of thofe Kings. But his in force