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Chap. I. ,tln Expofrtion 'upentheBooh,ofJ p B. Verf."2o. t 85 fome Nations, (having 'hath been a mark of Honour : All the Roman Emperours were thaved till Nero. Arid it was an ancient Proverb, Thou art a flave,for thou weareft locks or long`t"r °Get!.3 a.4 Servui e /j. i haire. comambabes. There is an objeLtion that may be made concerning this AEì of Job, becaufe (afterward it is laid, that in all this job finned not,) whether or notjob might thave his head without fin ? for you have an exprefs rule to the contrary, Levi. 19.27. cap. 21. 5. You (hall not round thecorners of your beads, neither Jhalt thou marre she corners ofthy beard. And fo you have itagain in Deut..14. 1. that they (hould not cut their haire or make any baldnefs upon their headsfor the dead, namelyby thaving or cutting offthe haire. How is it therefore here that job fhaved himfelffor the death of hischildren, and in regardof thofe great troubles that were upon him ? I anfwer briefly for that, firtl, job lived (as we have cleared, when we fpake ofthe book in general) before that Law was gi- ven, which did prohibit the cutting off the haire in that man- ner. Secondly, it appears in thole places, where thofe Laws are let vovebanr cn- down,that the Lord did forbid only conformity to the Heathen, cinfo inhono: they mutt not (have or cut themfeives, as the Heathen did : who rem & mama. cut theirheads round like a globe ( is it is 'obferred concerning tiefych. them)and werewont todedicate their locks to their Idol -gods. That vain fathionand groß fupertfition were the things forbidden in-the Law of Mofas. Thirdly,Though theJews were forbidden to (have their heads, as-mourning for the death oftheir friends,yet in the judgement ofEtftcotwNum learned Junius) the thaving oftheir heads was. only .permit- irtduci pro mor- ted, but commanded in cafe of mourning for tin, or in times tuo interdü7unt offolemn repentance and humiliation. He inttanceth in two pla- ces before mentioned. k'irtl, the Prophet Ifaiab reproving the un- infant3a rtm eft mirth anddefperate fecurity of the Jews in a time offcenti calvtei. publick trouble and treading down, tells them, In that day did umprobari she LordGod of Hofts, call to weeping,andso mourning, and to bald- argue imperart nets, and togirding with fackcloath, Ifa. 22. 12 Secondly, There h+n in Ifa. 22. iscounfel given anfwerable to that reproof by the Prophet Mi- 3 t2i cah, Makethee bald,andpole theefor thy delicate Children enlarge thy baidnefs as the Eagle,for they aregone into captivity from thee, B b we