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The ,INTR 0D71 CTIDN. Thirdly; We have a great difcovery made in the fecrets ofna- ture. The bowels of nature are as it were rips open,and the great works of Creation are here dilplayed. In this you have difcourfes Ofthe Heavens,ofthe.Earth,ofthe Sun,Moon,andStars: of thofe Meteors,the Hail, the Snow, the Froft,theIce, the Lightning and the Thunder. In this you have difcourfes of Jewels, ofMinerals, and of Metals; In this of Beafts and Birds,and creeping things. So that by occafion ofthis difpute, a difcourfe is carried about all the world, in the whole circuit of natural knowledg of Philofophy. Fourthly, Here are difcourfes ofCh-riftian Morals,of the duties of equity from man toman : Of the duties ofpiety which man oweth to God, ofthe duties of fobriety and temperance towards a mans own felt. Yea, here we find the great duty of Faith , the matter ofbelieving in the Redeemer of the world, our LordJefus Chrift. Laf#ly, Here are many difcoveries made ofGod, in Himfelf and his Attributes : In his Power, Wifdome, Juftice, Goodnefs, and Faithfulnefs, yea, whatfoever may be known of God in any of thofe, is Cornway or other here difcovered. So then , all being fummed up together,it may well bePaid concerning this Book,that it is sane- .7ravápile-, a Book containing all excellencies, ofwifdom and holinefs: and what (as fome ofthe Jewes and Rabbinsfay of it) in otherbooks is here a little and there a little, is all plentifully gathered together in this. In a word, it is a Summary, a Compen- dium ofall knowledge,both Humane andDivine,both concerning our (elves, and concerning God. So much ofthe fubjec`f ofthis Book, both Principal and Collateral. The fecond general to be confìdered is the divifion of this Book. We may confider it in reference to the divifron; Find, as itis a Dialogue ( for fo force call the whole Book) which is an interchangeable difcourfe concerning any fubjet or matter what- foever. And taking it in that notion, we may divide it by the Collocutors or Speakers and by the feveral fpeeches which they made. The Collocutors or Speaers in this Book, are Eight. I. God. 5. Eliphaz. 2. Satan. 6. Bildad. Jobs three friends. 3. Job. 7. Zophar. 4. Jobs Wife. 8. Elihu ; who cometh in as a Moderator of that difpute. Their