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The IN7RODZ/C2ION, 9 Their fpeeches, which they make, are, in the whole compafs of the-Book, thirty two Diftintions. There are twoDialogues between God.andSatan.One between job and hiswifc.Threc betweenjob and Eliphaz. Three between job and _Bildad. Two between Job and Zophar. Two between God and Job. And then we have Elihu making four dillind fpeechesor Orations, which have no Anfwer. And laflly, two feveral Speeches or. Parables (as they are calledfof Job, one in Chap.'27. I. and theother in.Chap. 29. r. So .that, Ihm up all thefe together, and you may divide the whole Book into thirty two dif in& or feveralSpeeches, either by wayof Polition,or An- fwer, or Reply, or determination. God fpeaks four times, Saran twice, Jobs wife once, Job thirteen times, Eliphaz thrice, Bildad thrice, Zophar twice, Elihu four times. Or ifwe fhould confider as a Difputation, (which is higher then a Dialogue) fo you may diflinguifh it, by the Oppo- nents, by the Refpondent, and by theModerators. The Opponents are three, Jobs three friends. Job hitnfelfis Refpondent. The Moderatorsare, Eirfi, Elihu, he cometh in firftas an Vmpire between them. Secondly, Godhimfelfat laft, out of the whirlewind, giveth the deed-five determinative voyce and fentence.He dates thequefii- on fully for Jobb, and reproveth Jobs friendsas not having difputed and argued aright concerning him. Yet further : we may divide the Book into five Sedions; whereof The firfi doth fet forth the happinefs and fulnefs of Jobsout-: wardefiate; and the integrity and perfection ofhisJpiritataleftate. And that iscontained in the firfl: 5 verfes The fecond prefents Jobs of fliWon, jobs fall,-the great and fore calamity which in a moment did overtake him,twith the oeca- fion of it. And this you have fer forth from that 5 . verfe exclufive- lyto the ,9 verfe ofthe fecond Chapter. Thirdly,Wehave the quedions,thedebates and difputes which did arife upon andabout the fall of Job into that fad condition : which arc contained from that 9 vole of the fecond Chapter, tò theend of the 3x Chapter. Fourthly, We have the Moderation or Determination of this difpute andof this argument,fird by Elihu,and then by Godhim- felf,from the beginningofthe 32 Chapter. to the 7 verle of the 42. C t1.í1