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Chap. t. An EXIlition upon the Bookof J O B. Verf.2o. 192 bowdown. Falling down in worfhipproceeds not only from for- row, but from joy, when the heart is tilled with joy, then we fall downandworthip. And it is probably * obferved, that the anci- * oldie into ent Prophets and holy men, the fervants ofGod, were called Ne- phalim (from Nephal, which is the Original word of the Text) Cade:ttesorProßirantes, that is, pr(ti:rates or falters, becaufe iu their tworfhip they ufirally fell upon the Earth to humble themfélves before God. And becaufe adoration was fo common- lymade by falling to theground, by bowing the head, bybowing the knee, by bowing the whole body, therefore the Came Original word which the Hebrewes ufe for worfhipping doth properly lignifie to betvdown the body. And that phrale to bow the body, as it isoften joyned. with worshipping ; fo Cometimos to bow the body, put a- 1117tW1 lone, doth fignifie to worfhip, z Kings 5. i S. When Ibow my felf a radio in the houf"e of Rimmon, fe..when I vorfhip, &c. So likewife the ìïiitée Greek word to worjhip hath the fame fenfe r; for that word lignifies (asa learned writer obferves upon- its) to bow after the manner ofdoggy that crouchart be feet of their Mafi.ers forfavour, or gezurre firfear.So in worfhip the people ofGod crouch down andabafe them- kid eß.*ore !elves at Gods feet , as not worthy in themfélves to eat the crumbs carMann ad under his Table. pederalicujus Yet we are not to lookupon this as if it were the only true nito:umfefemr. and acceptableworthip-gefture ; for we ¡hall find' in Scripturel,,flernerefub. that there_were other worihip-geltures with- which God was well jeQionirsratia, pleated. Some have worfhip'd God ftanding, force fitting, forceZanch. walking, all thefe are worfbip-poftures. For handing, we find it, I Kings 8. z2, at the Dedicationofthe Temple, Solomon flood be- fore theAltar of theLord,andmade thatprayer.For fitting-we haveit z: Sam.2.r8.When Nathan brought that mcffage unto Davidcon- cerning thebuilding ofthe houfe of God ,that it fhould be deferred till hisfans time, the Text faith,7h,at David went in and fat be- fore the Lord and faid,Who am 1 O Lord?And in the end he faith, Therefore bave Ifound inmy heart to pray this prayer unto thee.We al fo find walking in prayer,Gen. 24. 63.ifaac went out into the field to pra.He walked and pray'd; we tranílate it to meditate, but inithe margin of your books, you find it to pray, as being nearer the Hebrew. So that, walking, and fitting, and ftanding, are likewife praying geftures orpoflures ofholy worfhip : But chiefly that pc). fluteofbowing down the bodyor b ending the knee is the worihip.i poiture; fo it follows in the Text. B b 3 Ile.