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188 Verf.>20. An Expofition upon the Ecokof J OB. Chap.i.. Thirdly, We fhewed that this renting of his garments might have reference to his repentance : whence note ; That whenGod afflilïeth us with furerings,, we ought to afliú ourfelves , to humbleourfoules for fin.. Smarting times. are . good repenting times , and worldly.forrow, fhould get the company of godly forrow. It is not fafe. to be alone with worldly forrow that works death : but ifwe mingle a few tears for fn and our unkindnefs toChrill with thole tears, then they will refreth,us. We get by boles in our outward estate, when, they lead us to look to the boffes, and repair the breaches of our fpiritua I elates. Noqueflion. but Job at this time fell a fearching of his heart and a trying.ofhis wages, renewinghis repentance, andaffuring of his peace with God. When aiTh ions caufe us to return thus intoour own breafss, they have then a Tweet influence, a bleffed operation uponus.. Lafily, Obferve,. That thoughts ofblhfphemy againff Godfhouldbe caff ofand rejelf- edwith the bigbeft indignation.lvb rent his garments,whenSatan fo- licitesjob to rent the name of God with reproachand curlings. Thoughts dithonouringGod muff needs be vexing to every good heart. Nothing touches a godly man,like that which touches God. r When the glory ofGod ingaged and concern'd, he cannot con- tain. So much for thole two aéis,be rent his garments,and hefhaved his bead. The two other ats are, t . Hefalleth upon theground. 2.. He worfhipeth. The Original words do both fignifie a bowing t, the ground ;. He fell upon the ground and bowed, fo fame translate it, you 4411 teethe reafonby, and by.Hefell uponthe ground andworfhipped;, that is, Hefell upon the ground to n'orfbip. To fall upon the ground is a geflure.ofworfhip; and not only is it a pollute ofworfhip, when the worthipper mourns, but it is like- wife a poflure of worthip, when the worfhipper rejoyceth. Great joy ss.well as great forrow tranfports a man in his next alions. It is raid, Math.2. i p,i i.that, thewife men when they foundChrit%, rejoyced with exceeding great joy, and prefently they fell down andmar/hipped him. Neither is this potiure peculiar to worfhip in times ox upon occafions of extraordinary joy and forrow, (unlefs in the degree of it) for the ordinary invitation was, 0 c000e let usworfhip and bowdown ,let us kneel before the Lord our ma- qr,f f,9 5,6. I laid in the degree, for to fall down ismore . then to bow