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The I N TR O D V C T I O N are tó carry before us in our eye in the reading of Scripture. It is pof able for one to underftand the fubjeer, and to know the parts, and yet not to be attentive to find out, or di[iindly to find out what themind of God is, or whereat he fpeciaily drives and aim_, eth. Therefore it will be very profitable to us likewifc to confider what the tendency and intendment,or (a I may fo (peak) the ufes of this Book are. Firft, It ayms at our Infirudion, and that in divers things. Firft,(Whichmuch concernes every Chriftian to learn, ) it in- firudeth us how to handle a croft How to behave our felves when we are in a confliot,whether outward or inward : What the Failures ofthe Spiritual War are ; and with what patience we ought to bear the handofGad. and his dealings with us. This,'! fay,is let forth by the Scripture inother places to be the main,and one ofthe principal ends, or intendments, or ufes of this Book. This theApofile lames fpeaks of. Tau have heard of the patience ofJob. As ifhe lhould fay, Do younot know why the Book of yob was.written ? Why God in his Providence did bring fuch a James: z9> thing to gafs concerning Job ? It was that all men fhould take no- tice ofhis patience, andmight learn the zvifdom offuffering, that noble art ofenduring.' yob Was full ofmanyother excellent graces ; and indeed hehad all the graces of the fpirit of God inhim. But the Patience ofJob was the principal grace.As it is with natural men,they have every fin in them, btìt there are fome fins w °.ich are the Materfins, or - fome one fin it may be doth denominatea wicked man; fometimes he is a proud man fometimes he is covetous, fometimes he is a de- ceiver,fometimeshe is anoppreffor,fometitncs he is uncleap,fome- times he hath a profane fpirit, and fo the like; fome one great rnafter-luft doth give the denomination to the "man, he hath all otherfins in him, and they are all reigning in him, but one as it were reigneth above the refs, and fits uppermoft in his heart. So it is with the Saints of God (and here with yob)every Saint and fervant ofGod hath all grace in him, every grace in fome degree orother, for all the limbs and lineaments of the new man" are formed together inthe foul of thofe twat are in Chrift. But there is fome fpecial grace which doth give(as it were)thedenominate. on to a fervant of God : .As that which gave the denomination to Abrahamwas Faith,and that whichgave the denomination to. Mofes was nteeknefs; and fo this which giveth the denominatim 'C2 tO