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ro The'INTRODVCTIO.N'. All which is but as a Determination or Elating ofthe Queflion. Fifthly,and latily ; we have the reftitution offob, his refloring and fetting up-again, and the reparing ofhis Eftate, and making ofit double to what formerly it had been. And that is begun and . continued from the 7 Verfe of the 42 Chapter, to the, end of the 'Book. So here you have a five-fold divifionof the Book./ Once more : we may divide the . Book into three parts. And fo it lets forth, a. Yob's happy condition,both in regard of externals,and inter,. nais, in.the firft 5 verfs. 2. job's fall, job's calamity, job's trouble,fromthat to the 7 verf ë of the4.2 Chapter. 3. yobs reflitution or reftoring, from thence to the end. Take the Book in this diviuon,and it feems tohold forth to us fuch a reprefentationof job,as is given us in the three firft Chap- ters ofGene is concerning Man. In thofe'three first Chapters, we have Man fet forth. r.. In the excellency and dignity of liis Creation,beingLórd and Soveraign of all,adorn'dwith that integrityand purity of Nature which God hath planted in,and ftamped uponhim at his creation. And in the beginning of thisBook, we have job likea man in in- nocency,fhining in all his dignity,compas'd about with ble(lings of all forts, bleflïngs of the Body, bleflïngs ofthe Soul, ble(íings of this life, andofthat which is come. 2. There we find the Devil plotting the ruine of man, and we find his plot taking for a while, and in a great meafure prevailing. So here in this Book we have the Devil begging job's ruine, and having obtain&d leave, fo far as concern'd his outward eflate and body, quicklyputs it in execution. 3. There wehave Adam by ,Gods free mercy and promife re- flored to a better etlate in Chrift through the grace ofredemption,. then he had before in himfelf, by the goodnefs of Creation. 'S here we have job, through the mercy, power, and faithfulnefs of God,reftored to all he had,and more;we fee him repaired and fet aap again after his breaking,not-only with a new ftroakbut a great er.: his eftate being doubled, and his very loffes proving beneficial to him. This may fiiffice for the divifion or parts of the Book, which I conceive, may flied fome light into the whole. Now for the third thing which I propofed, which was the\ufe, or,fèope,or intendment of this Book.For that is a fpecial thing we are