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9erf. t. 11n Expofition upon the Book of J 043. 'Chap, a, {build be circutnfcribcd within that limit. . Becaufè job offered Sacrificeat that time in his ownCoun- try: which after the givingofthe Law,and fittingup ofa publick worthip, was forbidden all, both Jews and Profelites. They that were acquaintedwith the ways of God,kaew they mutà not wor- íhip by Sacrifice any where, but before the Tabernacle , or (after the Temple was built) at the Temple. 2.Becaufe in the whole book there is not the leaíl.pri nt,or the leaft mentionofany thing whichdid concern thofe great and glo- rious pafíages ofGods providence towards the people oflfrael,ei- ther in their goingout of Egypt,or in their journey thorough the wildernefs toCanaan. Now in a difpute of this nature (fuchas was between Job and his friends) there would have been frequent occafion to have confidered and inflanced fome of thofe things. There is fcarce any book in Scripture, that bears date after that great and wonderful difpenfation ofGod,butit makes mention of or referrs toCome palfages concerning them. Again for the time, that which Come colleft to clear it, is from the Genealogie ofJob, there are three fpecial opinions concerning the line ofhis pedigree. One that he defcencled from Nahor, whowas brother to Abra- ham, Gen. 22.21. It was told Abraham, beholdMilcah, Jhe bath born children to thy brother Nahor, Uz his firji born, and Buz his brother, &c. This Vz whowas the firtl born ofNabor;Abra- bams brother is conceived to havegiven denomination to the land of Vz,and fo from him Job to be defcended. Anotheropinionthere is (maint aired. bymany) that job was ofthe lime of Efau,and that he was called Jobab by Moles, Gen. 36.33. And Bela died, and Jobab the foie of Zerah of Bozrah reigned in bitJtead. This Jobab, who wasa elefcendant or one of theDukes ofthe line ofEfau, they f.y was Job. But why the name Jobab thould be,contraded into job, I fee little reafon of- fered. A third opinion for his defceiit, is,that he came from the chil- dren ofAbraham byhisfeeond wife Keturah, Gen. 25. where it is faid, that-Abraham by her had divers fons,and that he gave them portions,and lent them-Eaffmardinto the Eafï country ; and from Midian(who was -thefourth fon of Abrahamby that fecond mar- riage) out Genealogers-dQ pofitivedy and direr ly afti m that yob waydefsended. líà 2 That