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20 Chap. I. lstït Expof tiont rzpon the Boob, of J:O B. Vcrf. r. That may fufice for the time, for bringing of himwithin a narrower limit, I have nogrounds but conjeEtural. Aman.] He is not called A man (here) barely as the PhnI>- òphers Animal rationale, &c. as ,man is oppofed to a Beall : Not barely is he called á man toditlinguifh his Sex, as a Man is oppofed to a Woman. But there is fòmewhat more in the expref- lion, he is called Aman by way ofexcellency. And for the clear= ing and openingof that, we may confider that there are three words in Scripture original by which Man is expreft. a .Man is called Adam. That was the proper name of =the firfi man, auditbecame the common name for all men fine. So Man was called from the matter of which he was made, Adam, from Adamab, becaufe (as the reafon is given, Gen. z. 7.) God. made man duft.out of the earth, or (as we tranllate j of the duff of the earth.. 2. Man is called Enofh : So he is called in :regard of the infir- mities, weakneflès and forrows, which_ I e hash contracted: by fin, fince the fall ; fin made thered earth weak and brittle earth indeed, earth inoyfiened with tears, and mixt.with troubles. 3. He is called tfh, which the Criticks in that language , fay, comes from and hath allyance with two words One fignifying Being or exifte'nce, and.the other heat or fire..- So that the excel- lency ofmans being, the heat, courage and fpirit that flames in him, is fit forth in that word ; and that's the wordhere in the Text ; There was a man, it is Ifh, an excellent,a worthy man, a. man ofan excellent fpirit, aman of men, a man fitted to honour God, and govern men.; And that it is fo ufed in Scripture, I will give you an infiance or, two,thatyou may fee it is not a bare conje }ure. In the 49. Pfalme, David, as it were, fammons and divides mankind. In the firfi vcrfe he fummons, Hear this all ye people, give,Inhab tarts of the. world. In the fecond verfe he divides, Both, lowand high, rich and poor together. The word; in the Hebrew for high, is Bene-.Jh, 'Ions of ;Ifh, : and the word for low, is. Bede-Adam, fons of Adam :; .If we fhould . tranflate theText direaly,according to the.letter, the words muff run, f n:, , of men, and fon: of men ; for, . fons of Adam and fons of Ifh,4re both tranflated fons ofmen. Yet ;.when they:are''fc.t ,to- getherinawayofopp©fition,the one fìgn%i cth,loav,;and theother 1)02. ; and fo our Translators render it according to the; fen(e,not ions'.