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An ExpoJìtion upon the BoolZofJ O$, . Chap. Y. 33 For the Condition and manners ofthe people;it is generally re- ceived, that they, were a people prophane in their lives,and fuper- hitious at leaf{ in their worfhip : Idumeans and Edomites, the de- fcendants ofEfau,hear ill all the Scripture over.Amoug there job lived, among there jobgovcrrt'd, there he exercis'd thofe preci, óus graces,and pradis'd thofe excellent duties, böth of holiness toward God, and of Jutlice toward men. It was in the midit ofa finfül and perverlè Nation, in the landof Vz. Then obferve, Firl, God bath his Jervants inall places, in the werffplaces. There was never any air fo badbut that a fervant ofGod might breath in it. Here God had a choice piece, even in the Land of Vz, a place of prophanenefs ; Here was Bethel in Betbaven, a Houleof God in a Land of wickednefs. Lot dwelt in Sodome, jofeph in Egypt, David in Mefech and in. Kedar There were Saints in C.efars ( wicked Nero's) houthold. Babylon holds many ofGods people; yet let them not make fuch places their re- fuge, much letstheir eleftion ; But remember the call, Come out ofher mypeople. Secondly, Wemay obferve from hence (this being fpoken of yob, to let him forth in the excellency ofhis fpiritual condition, that he lived in the landofVz.) That It it a great honour ande high commendation to be good, and do good a nongjf thofe that are evil. You lhaN be recorded for it.This was one reafon why the place is named, that the honour of Job might be lifted up, that he was god,not by the example and encouragement, but against theex- ample ofothers : he was a leading man himfelf : though he liv- ed among thofe that were fcoffers and wicked, yet job was holy. As they fay concerning,the affehionoflove, it is moti unnatural for a man to hate thofe that love him. It is civil for men ito love thofe that love them, but this is. truly Chrittian for a man to love mofe that hate him and do him wrong. So in regard ofliving and converting, asofloving and=affeding, we may fay, it is a matt wicked thing to benought among thofe that are good;that aggra- vateth a mans linfulnefs, to be unholy while he converfeth with thofe that are holy : It isa good thing to be good with the good, . to take example by. them : but it is a molexcellent Thing, a glo- rious thing to be good among thofe that are lark naught,to wor- Chip God aright among Idolaters, to fear God among thofe that have