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22 Verf. t. An Lxpofitionupon the Boolt,ofJ O B. Chaii`.44. way the.taame ofmen (as it were) troxn all men, as if they were theonly men. So that we-have thrfe two things to takenotice of ; when it is laid here that jòbwas a man, you muff carry it further then the word is ordinarily taken He was a great man, he was ä man in authority, a Magifirate. Some carry the Magiflracy fohigh, asto fit himon a Throne, affirming that he was a King; a point very much contended for by divers Expolitors ; but that he was a Ma= ;iterate in Authority,a Chiefinhis Country,is clear by that which as expreft ofhim inCbap.29.where he fpeaks ofhis deciding mens rights and executions of jufiice. In the Land of Vz] Iwill not troubleyou with any Geogra- phical difcourfe : Ina word,we may confider three things about a. Why it was called fo. 2. Where it was feated. 3. What manner ofpeople they were that dwelt in Vz. r. For the Name,let it be taken fromVz, the Name ofa man. And there were three called by that ttameinScripture, Gen. 22. 21. Gen. 36. 28. from either of thefe job's Country might derive its name;but from whichofthefe,would be(I think) a nice debate ; yet it is rather afcribed to Vz orHuz, the eldeft Son ofNahor,Gen.22. at. 2. For the place where it was feated, it isclear that it was up- on the borders oftheSabeans, and of the Caldean, and of the A- rabians,thole Eaftern people. Some affirm that the lot of the half Tribe ofManaffes on theother fide Jordan, which was fer forth for themwhen the peopleofIfrael carne intoCanaan, was the ve- ry-place where job lived, and that was called Vz. It is clear that it was near thotè partsabove mentioned. Firfk from Lamen.4. 21. There the Prophet jeremie fpeakingofvz, faith, Rejoyce and be glad 0daughter ofEdom, shat dwelleft in the land of tlz. And Jer. 25.20. he fpeaks again ofthe land of Vz, All the mingled people,and all the Kings of the land of Vz, they (hall drink of the Cup : he mentions the Cup alto in that place,Lament. q.: Re- joyce and beglad 0 daughter ofEdom, that dwellejt in the Land of Uz ; the Cup alfo Jhall paf: thorough unto thee. Secondly, Vz border'd upon thole Countries; for dick people made out their parties, invaded, flew: and took away obs E.ftate, Ç at- tel and Servants ; therefore the place in all probability lay near tilde Countries, For