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Chap. x'. An Expofition upon the Bookof j O B. Verf x. delight in doing good, between being at peace, and following of peace. Aman May dogood, andnot be a lover of good, a laver of the Commandments of God, a delighter in them: he-may be at peace, and not be a lover and follower of peace. So a man may be one that commits not fuch and fuch fins, he may dono hurt, and yet in the mean time he may be one that loves thofe fins he com- mits not : Such an one is not prefently a man that efchews thofe fins ; for to efchcw evil, noteth the aótivity of the fpirit again ft thole evils. That is the fpiritualneffe and strength of holinefiee yob's heartdid (as it were) rife againft evil. Some expound it by war, as if under this expreflion were meant, the enmity that yob bare against evil, that it was fuch an efchewing, as whena man hateth his enemy,and makes war againft him,and doth by al i means,oppofe him: fo there was, as it were a deadly feud, an irre- concileable enmity 'between jab and evil. Flewas a man thatfear- ed God and ofchewed evil. So much for the openingof that frrfe verfe : wherein you 'have the first part of the defcriptionof Jobs profperous eftate, and that is, what -he was in his person. That man was perfell and upright, We will obfervehence fomewhat in the general lirft, and then fomewhat more particularly. You fee here when God comes to defcribe a man,añd to let him forth in his glory and excellency, where the fpirit of God begins, what is the chief and firtt thing which God takes notice of, it is his grace. When he would let forth what a man job was, how bleffed and how happy, here he lets his pen first, to de- fcribe what his fpiritual cítate was. Hence tkn.this in the gene- ral!. a. Gracious_.babits, and fpiritual bleffings, are the choyceit ofall blefngs. If God have given a man Grace, he hath the beft and the choy- feft ofall that which God can give. God hath given us his Soil, and Godhathgiven us his Spirit, and God -hathgiven us the gra- ces ofhis Spirit, thefe are the fineft of the flower, and the honey out of the rockof mercy. Though you fhould not come to chil- dren, though you fhould not come to the other part of the Inven- tory, to Sheep, and Camels, and Oxen, and Affes,if you are in the fiat} part of the defcription, that you have a perfeff heart,and up- E. right