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Chap. I. 1n ExpofLion upon the Book., fJ O B. Verf. 2. that he.harh a child,that he is not barren,but that he lathmany 'children,that he bath his quiver full offuch arrowes, as theex- preflion is, Pfál. 127. 5. and that is made the blefïcdñefs of a man there, Happy is the man (fäith he) that bath his quiver full of them, that hath many arrowes , filch are children of the youth, Ver f 4. There are fome rich and covetous men, that are in this point beyond others rich in folly : You thall hear them pride themfelves, that they have no children, or but few ; this they conceive fets them off in the opinionof the world for the richer men, whereas one child is more riches then all the things that are in the world. And we know it is an ordinary thing (though indeed it is a very finful thing) to fay,,it's true, fuch an one is a; rich man, he hath a faireftate,lut.he hath a great char ge, a great many children, as if that did take offfrom his riches , or make him lefs happy : asifhe-were the poorer, becaufe he hath a larger (hare ofthat ancient firft bleflingupon man, Be fruitful GCn andmultiply, and replenifh the earth. 4: Note this, To, , to have moll fans amongff our children, is the greater oeìtivard bleffing. Job is defcribed here in the molt exact method of outward blcflings; he had foes, andhis Eons put-numberhis daughters, he had feven Ions, and but threedaughters. And the reafon why moft funs among children are the ,greater bleflìng, is clear, be- pauIe,fon, bear up the name, and are a greater fupport unto the Family. 5. To have »zany fns and daughters too isyet a compleater blzfng. For by, daughters the Family is increafed ,and btherFamilies are joyned and knit,and united to that Farrrily. And to have Ions and daughtersboth, is theperfetsonof thatnatural blaring ; becaufe man,was fo made at the firft, he was made male and female As it is with the foul and the body, though the foul be more excel- lent then thebody, yet the foul alone is not fa perfeclt, as when foul and body are together becaufe though the body be not fo thong in conflitution and noble in Conditionas theÇqul,,yet body andfoul in creation were joyned,tógether, therefore their g reat- eft perfefl:ion confifts in their union.; So likewife it is in a F ami- ly,, though Ions in nature are more perfect, yet becaufe it was the firft infiitutionof a Family, male and female, therefore the fulnefs: and compleatnefs fthe lei1ing is in the union, of both. F2 Job 35 [,28.