Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37. v1

GGJ"st.oGotat#ppa/o! f+n,1,L`C?teoGte9X9'ú? NrtreoaF'°kN'nen,'"°+tt+Y'l%°'Y+kK'1"äk''A2Ì!:?`jtÑI+S±F N47'"': 44,4t$4,44i44444-,., oo :c,. ''(( ,,. 4 P.0`1 s4 °00i"a1 fi°u34a1' iÌrc.YiIt'r#aut6i47{ci3P is'$pcio:v5t, i P". A TABLE, .,Direí`ting to forme fpecial .Points noted in the precedent ExPOSITIONS. A ADvice and Counfel, thegoodor evil which others do by our ad- vice,is reckoned as done by us. Pag. 56 Af1iidion is the touch-frone of'fincerit, pi35Atilidionsare all boundedand ordered by God,p.139. Thofe afflidi- ens are molt grievous ,, wherein God flans to be again, us, p. 164. We ought to befenfible under the e hand of God in afliiaic:, s, p. t 86. Andmay exprefs our [Trews ->y outward ge- fures, p. i 87. --When Gcd ! umbles-us withfor^rows, we f ;1iid humble our felvesfor fin, p iSS AfilíEtionsfend thepeople ofGodhome to him, p.193. They turn them intoprayers, p. 194. They comefrom God, p.208. There- fore lookbeyond the creature, p. 209. To blefsGod in affliction , is a high obi ofgrace, yet but our duty, p. 213. ToblefrGod in af$iGtions, will make our affliCions a bleffing, p.214. God afids his fometime without refe- rence to fin, p. 236. Great afflitfions may caufegreat complainings,p.343, No afliifion in this lifefgreat, bat it may begreater,p.361. Keafons why God continues life to thofe who are greatlyafflided. p, 44; Affliction ufually accompanied with much darinefs, p.46i. It encreafetla anafflidion,not to know the reafon of it,ibid. Efpeciallynot to fee a way to efcapeit. p462 Angels called the Sons of God , three Reafonsofit,p.8o,2233.Hozy Angels prefent themfelves before God, ' p, So, So. Wefhouldimitate Angels íne our readinefs to do the Will of God, Arife,to arifeanddoa thingwhat it im- ports. 1 g Atlantes, What People they were, 36- 368 Eing, How a trouhlefm being may be worfe then no being,and how nto 0 Beff things hardeft to come by, pag 453° Beft things are,hidden in two - Q..9 9 reflleks