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The Table. refpebt< page 453 Benefits receivedorpromifed , what in- fluence they may or ought to have up- on our obedience untoGod, p.109 Birth-dayes kept folemnly, p.336. Spi- ritual Birth-day our greatejt joy, ib. Birth, The great power of God in the birth of man, p. 39o. The rernem- b.rance.that God tales us out of the womb , a great fupport to faith in greateft troubles, p.391. Vn.timely_ birth, what, and why fo called, p. 423 Bitter day if a day of trouble, 3.6o .Bitternefs of Soul, notes the deepeft far- row; 442 Blafpheney, what ? 218.. The holieft perfcns Jubjeti to the moft blaff'he- mom temptations. 286 ,puling, three wayes , I. -Man blefes Man. 1. Maie bleí%ti.. God, 3. God bleffes rnan,rrh..r? p.117. All flee- cefs from tbe'bheflag ofGod, p.199a ago, Gaddelights to blefs thcf 'e who are laborious, iuid. The bleffing of God if effectual, p. 121. To biefs Godwhat ? 213: The belt outward bleffing may be turned into a crofs, 273 Bodie sof the Saints abufedand tortu- redhere on earth. 255 Rook- ofJob, whofuppofedthe penman, p,5. ThefubjeGprincipal, p.6. Colla- teral,p.7, 8. Theparts anddivifions of it, p.8,9,&c. The (cope and cafes it, ,&C. C. CAlling Every man ought to have a calling. p. r20 .. Cattel the riches ofthe.Patriarchs,and why ? 38,&c. Chemarims, Idolatrous Priefts, why to called : 360.. Children are bleffings, p. 34. A greater bleffing then riches, ibid. The more Children the more bleffing, ibid. 35 Beft to have molt fops, ibid. To have daughters andJons the compleat Net. fing, ibid. Many Children, no hin- drance either of piety or equity, 36 Love and concord amongChildren is the 'Fathers fpecial- bleffing, 48 Lawfuldelight is to bepermittedour Children, 54. Children at full age, not out oftheir Parents care, p. 55 Childrens Souls chiefly to be cared for, ibid. Parents ought topray in fpecial for every child, p. 65. Job's lofsof his Children , his greateft,lofs fhewedin five Confiderations, p.167, 168. Chrift, His pretence makes- anyplace or condition comfortable, 431. That the heart ofa believer, is never at reft, but in Chrift. 475,476 Cloud, what it is; and what it frgnifies in Scripture. 358 Conception of children the work and bleffingof God. 389 Councellors, Theirpower to hurt or do good among "Kings andPrinces, 4.11 Creatures, the heft creatures left to themfeives,will undo themfelves. 83 1 Curfiing,