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38 Chap. r. An Expafitionupon the BoafZ,ofJ O'B. 9 ip indifferent to- frgnifie any poffeffrón;but cfpecially it lignifies pof ñv á'jd- fetlion or fubftance byCattel:Therefore itr thofe'.times wherein the vaduae. Sept. Elatesof the great men of the earth were molt in: Cattel this ex- prefiìon was chieflyufed.The Septuagint renders it Andhis Cat- tel were 7(200 Sheep, &c. So then, bus fubftance, feil. of Cattel wasfeven thoufand Sheep. Sheep ] Sheep for meat, and Sheep for cloathing ; the flefh and the fleece, both are ofgreat u (è word eHebrew And three thoufand Camels. * Camels were ufed in thofe 1.srs 1' Countries for burthens, and for travel,efpccially in long journeys;_ comes ¡tom the root Ga. Merchants travelled withCamels, as youmay read, Gen. 37. 25. mal, toender Jofipbs brethren beheld a company of Ifhnaaelite.r which came and make re from Gilead with their Camel's, ánd thefe were very thong for eompeneetior travel, being able toabide much hunger and thirfi, (as the natu- beis ufed ral Histor affirms.) Some affirm they will travel fix days to é being Y Y Y g n,uchforbur- then in thofe hot Countries without drink, and therefore thole den and tra- Ealiern parts are ftockt and flored with Camels, beafis 'fo fit for vei, doth à .fervice ,there.. 'Andfve hundredyoke df Oxen. Oxen for the tillage ,pf the compencehis 'Maier for his ground :.Their Oxen areftrong to labour; Pfal. 144. keeping from The Affes were for ordinary travel, and for ordinary burthens this Hebrew about the houfe. word Gam), But youmay we read in the Inventor which here is made theGreekeke. Y fa Y Y Y` rive de name' ofJob's Eflate, that he had Sheep and CämelS,' OXen and ikfrgs, .s i&-, thebut where was the Silver and theGold ? 'where was the goodly Chaldeans H outholdliúff,the Jewels and the Plate?hereis no mention made Gamla, the of thefe. l arins Cone- !us, and we I anfwer,firfi,thatwithout doubt 7obhad flyer and gold, and our Engliíh precious things.It is clear that he had,When 'he"faith, `(Chap. 3,r. Cartel. 42.) IfI have madegoldmy hope,"or havefaid to the finegold, thou art my confidence f It had not been proper for him to deny 'that bold washis hope(in this fence)if he had not gold in his poffefii- on;or to fay he did not confide in fine gold,whenhe had nogold to confide in : Thenhe had gold and flyer. And for Jewels the holy fiory tells ùs(Chap.4.z.iz,)That God gave yob twice aswiech as he had before and a;part of what was reflored to him,was Jew- els andEar-rings; Every mangave him peice of Money,and every one an Ear -ringofgold; therefore he had Jewels alfoin hispoffef flou at firfi, orelfe they could not be doubled to him in the day of his deliverance. bye