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Chap. a. An Expofition upon the Booh,of J O B. V erf. -.q., 4'7 Verf. q.. And hisfoes went andfealied in their bottles every one his day, and fent and calledfor their three fif`iers, to eat and to drink with them. This verfe fets forth a third part ofJobs happinefs in refped of his outward c tate. He had children,and many children,in the fe- cond verfe:Here in the fourthwe find all thefe children,fons and daughters, agreeing and feafling one with another.. We maydote from the words four things concerning this feafling. I. Their alacrity and chearfeelneft, which molt do obferve out ofthat exprellion, they went andfeafted, which phrafe in the He- brew fignifies the doing of a thingwith chearfulnets & readinefs.. 2. Their unanimity: It isnot Paid that fume two or three ofhis fous feafted,but his Eons indefinitely,all his Eons; and not only his fons,but his daughters, the three fitters were called too. So that they were all ofone mind,they all met together in love ; though they were ten innumber, they were but one in heart, the fame in fpirit. 3. Theplace where they feafted, it was in their houfes ; theydid not go to lufpeded places,but in their own privatehoules and fa- milies, where it was molt convenient,and where they might cele- brate thofe meetings with moll: fecurity,both for their bodies,and. for their fouls. q.. Thefrequency ofthat feafiing, it was not only once, but everyone his day. They did at every one of their houles upon a fpecial and a let day. Every one his day : Some make the fence thus, theyfeafted in their houfes one every day, as ifit had been a continual feaftlwith them, they feafted all the week long ; and . they would Teem to allow it by the moderationufed in their feaft - ing; but the words every one his day, notea courfe,a certain tivie. wherein they did feaft, not a continued feafling.Some conceive it was upon their birth days : whether that be fo or no, there is no- thing appears from the Text, only it is faid,They feafted. every one bis day. And theyfent and calledfor their threefijie;s to eat and to drink. with them. In that we may obferve three things : a. The humanity ofthe bretbren, they'would nit banquet a 1ptl .