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48 Chap. i. An Expof tioit upon the Book, of J O B. Verf. 4. lone,and leave out their filters, but they Pent and called them. 2. The modejty ofthe fifers, that theytwould not come but up- on fpecial invitation ; they were not forward of themfelves, but they were fegt and called for. 3. The endofthis invitation, it was to cat and to drink with them. As under the notionsofbread and water,or bread and wine,' all neceffaries for food are comprized ; founder aftions of eat - ing and drinking,the whole bulìnefs of feafting is contained,Luk: 12. 19. Ira. 22.'15. Ecclef. 2. 24. There is nothing further in the words,that we need flay longer inopening or clearingofthem. WeThall only give you force few out of them. His fans went andfeafted in their houfes every one his day. This is let forth as the thirdpart of Jobs outward happinefs. Then note we firft, That The love andmutual agreement ofchildren is one of the greateft blefings to a parent. The love ofchildren is the fathers blefling,and it is a great blef- fing. Howmany fathers have their hearts rent and divided by the rents and divifians that are amongft their children I It doth blaft and wither all the comfort the parent hath, to fee that-there is no agreement oflove, nocorrefpondencyofaffc ion amongft thofe that come all from the fame bowells,from the fame loyns. This Tram= quoq; is a bleflìngwhich was not common inthe world, nonot in thofe gYarrtrJraeJl.times. Adam had not this bleffing. Adam when he had only ()yid. twofons, they could not agree, butone murthereth the other. G`n' 4' Abraham enjoyed not this bleffn when he had but two fons g> > Gen 2r, 9 one is mocking the other, Ifbmael is mocking Ifaac. Ifaac failed Gen. 27. 41. ofthis blcfling,he hadbut two fons,andone threatned tomu rther Gen. 37. 4, the other ; ?he days ofmourningfor my father are at hand , then will Iflay my brother Jacob. This %Vas not Jacobs blcflìnz , he had twelve fons,there was one ofthem,Jofepb, the commofi Butt ofall his bretibrons envy,they did all fpight him, theArchers did Gen, 49. (hoot at him, andgrieved himforely, and hated him. They could Sam t3 a8 not all agree, there were divifons"aínong them. It is noordinary bleffing then, You fee David a holy man,yet what divifions were thereamong his children"? one murthered another, Abfalom cau- 1 I. fed Amnon to be murthered : Adonijah rifeth up againti Solomon, he cannot bear it, that his brother thouid have the Crown. You fee