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5,2 Chap. r. An Expofitión on the Book of J O B. Verf5. from the Lord. The Kingdöme is full oftrouble, and we are full of fears, therefore now fatting is in feafon, not feafting; now hum- bling is in feafon, not rejoycing: Or ifany featl now,let them feaft as if they feafted not, and rejoyceas if they rejoyced not; let them feats as remembriisg the aflliífion and bonds,the hunger and wants ofour diftreffed brethren.Therefore in thofe featlings whichhave a kind ofneceffity in them, you thould labour tohave your hearts exceedingly above your feafting,not to lie fo low as the creature;it is ever very finful tohave your hearts drowned in the creature,but now efpecially when you hear the voyce of the Sword threatning to take the creature fromus, and fee God chilling them together, as if he meant to (lain the"beauty, and fowre the pleafures ofthem. all.. Verf.5. And it wasfo, when the dayes of theirfeaffing were gone about, that Job rent andfanelified them, &c. This Verf contains the holy praGfife of fob. You fawbefore that he had grace in his heart , now you may fee grace in his life. Holypraelifemakes grace vifible. There it lay in the habit, here it comes forth in the alt. Concerning this holy pradife ofjob, we may note thofe three things for the divifionof the Verfe. a. The Açlions about which this holy, care ofJob was exerci- fed : They aretwo. s . Hefent andfanelified them. And . 2. Offered burnt offerings according to the number ofthem all.'. 2. The ground of this holy praf.}ice ofhis, what moved job after their feafting, thus tofend andfanîlifte them.Thegroundwas this, For JobPaid, it may be that myfonnes havefinned, and curfed God in their hearts. 3. The conflancy of Job in this his holy prat ice , he did not thisby fits, now and then, but thus, did Job. continually,. And it wasfo, that when the dayes oftheirfeafting weregone about, that JOfeat andfaníïified them. That is the firil thing, that we are to explain and openunto you, Jobfent andfanlliftedthem. Flow could job fanf,}ifie his Sons or his Daughters?A:Parent indeed may provide riches for his children,but can he provide grace alfo ? A Parent may put mony in their.purfes,butcan he put holinefs in their hearts too,that it is Paid.