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Chap.'. An expofition upon the BookofJ QB. VerC4. is a wofull expence and wafteof time; and the expence of time is worfeby far then the expence ofmoney; you may-regain the ex- penceof your money, but you can never call back the expence of your time ; you may be at greater charges in your feafting for the wafte of time, then for the wafte ofeftate. All the world cannot give you backagain theexpence ofan hour. Indeed we often hear men complain they have (pent too much money in feafting and entertainments , but 'tis very rare that any complain they have fpent too much time : which is as if a man having received a wound in hisbody,lhouldonly be troubled for the holewhich the fwordmade inhis doublet. Prodigality oftime is the worft and molt dangerous prodigality. 7. Feafting it finful when unfeafonable : I (peak in regard of occafions and opportunities : there are fpecial times wherein it is unlawful to feaft,though we fhouid fpend but very little time in feafting, Ifa.22.3 2,13. In that day did theLord God ofhefts call to weeping and mourning , ancho baldnefs; 'and togirding withlack- cloth; and behold joy andgladnefs, flaying Oxen , and killing Sheep, eating flefh., and drinking wine : In the next verfe it is Paid , It was revealed inmine ears by theLord of hofts, furely this iniqui- tyfhall not be purged fromyou till you die. To feaft in that day was finful, and a fin that left fuch a'tain as could not be got our it thall not be purged from you What time was this wherein their feafting was fo finful ? whatmade this fin fo deep grained ? You fhall find a refolution in the beginning ofthe Chapter,It was a day of troubleandperplexity , and of treading down by the Lord God of hafts in the .valley ofvifion, breaking down the walls , and crying to the mountains. It is a day oftrouble and perplexity,and will you now be feafting ? (faith God) Is this a time foryou to feaftin, when my' wrath is breaking forth amongft you ? This feafting with men is a daringof God, a fending(as it were) defi- ance unto Heaven. And fuch feaftings Amos reproves, Ch.6 4,5. They did. ear the Lambsout ofthe flôck, and theCalves out of the midit of the Stall, they chaunt to thefoundofthe Viol, and invent to themfelves inffruments ofmu(ick likeDavid;theydrinkwine inbowls, and anoint themfelves with the chiefoyntments, but they are notgrie- vedfor the afflielion ofJofeph. time leafing is unfeafonable for 7ofeph, the peo- ple,and Churches ofGod are in aftlidion : And this is fuch a day as the .Prophet deferibes,-a dayoftrouble, and a day ofperplexity 11 2 from 5i