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54 Chap../ . An Expof tion upon the Bookof J OB. Verf.5. warn the people that they prepare themfelves for the receiving of the Law. And likewi fe in the Y Sam.I 6.5. it is faid,that Samuel did that which the Lord fpake, and came to Bethlem, andthe Elders of the Town trembledat his coming,andfaid, Cemeff thoupeaceably? And hefaid , Peaceably; T am come to Sacrifice unto the Lord, fànelifie yourfelves, and come with me to the Sacrifice; that is, prepare your felves to come to the facrifice. So fanaification is preparation. And Yoh. It. 55. (to name no more) The Jewes Pafsover was nigh at hand, and many went out of the Country up to Jerufalem before the Pafsover to purifie themfelves , or to fan- ¿ifie themfelves , that they might be fit and ready for the Sa- crifice. So then this fanEtifying ofthem,was a preparingof them for the facrifice. Therewere folemn rules given afterward ,when the form of the Church Order and Difcipline was efiablifhed by Mofes ; but even now before that, the Law and light ofnature taught this, befides the teachingofGod, that theymuff be fanCti- .feed before they came to facrifice : JobPent andfanetified them, then they came to that holyfervice. This is the firíi aft of Job. We may here obferve, firif, the time when Job fent to fandific them, it waswhen the dayes of their feafting were gone about job did not take them'offfrom their feafting, or deny them the libertyoftheir feafting: büt'when the dayes of their feafting were gone about, then he fent and fan- ¿ified them. Thepoint we may note from hence is this, That It doth well becomegodly Parents to give their Children leave to take moderaterefrejhing andrecreation one with another. Job did not ffverely and aufterely forbid then, and fay, what do you leafing and fpending your time idlyone with another ? whydo you fpend fo many days in feafting ? He never interrup- ted them till the dayes oftheir feaftingwere gone about ; It be- cometh Parents to look thereinofgovernment fo far , as to give them leave for their refrefhing , to let themfelves out in 116- nett wayes ofrecreation by their mutual fociety. Yob didnot call them to this holy fervice from their feafting, but when the dayes of their feaftingwere goneabout. Secondly, ,job fent to fandifie his children, though they were in their own houfes,though they were at theirown difpofing(for it appears they had families and houfholds of theirown) though they were men and women grown, yet'Joblint to fan tifie then . Obferve hence , That Parent's