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Chap.'. An Expofitien upon the BookofJ O B. VerC5. 55 Parents malt not calf off the care of their children , though they arrgroznn up, though they are men and women. Some think , that if they look to their children at School, and breed them up a while , and have given them fome inftru6tions in their youth, they need not then trouble themfelves any fur- ther. Whereas the care of Parents ought to live as long as they and their children live together. Jobs care went after his chil- dren to their houfes , He font to them to bid themprepare them- felves. Thirdly , Though thefe were (aswe fay) men and women grown,yet as foon as their Father fends the meflàge to them, they all fübrnit, and all obey : then Obferve, That Children that are grown up , or bave houfes and families of their own, ought yet to yeeld all reverence and fubmiffion to the lawful cómmands, counfeis, anddirebtions oftheir Parents. Do not think you have out-grown obedience and honour to Parents, when you are grown in years; fill we fee thefe,thought themfelves under their Fathers command and counfel;there is not one ofthem replies , what need my Father trouble himfelf about us ? No, but all willingly prepared themfelves,and came, for he offered burnt offerings according to the number of them ali, therefòre. -certainly they all carne. Fourthly, From the matter ofthis AEt, what it was that fob did, the Text faith, he fent and fanîtifted them after theirfeaft- ing ; he didnot fend a Meffenger to them, to ask them how they were in health,whether they had not furfeited themfelves, or had got any diftemper ; he did not fend to know how the accounts went in their Families, whether they had not fpent too much;but the matter that he had his eye and his heart upon was , that they might be fanCcified and fitted for holy duties : From hence Ob- ferve, That A Parents main and fpecial care fhould befor the fouls ofhis children. The care of many Parents is only to inrich their children , to make them great and Honourable, to leave them full portions and elates, to provide matches for them; but for fan4`tifying their children, there is no thought of that. Nay, many are afraid theft children fhouid be fandified : fume Parents cannot abide their children,becaufé they fffpeft them fanftified:Sueh Parents are the Devils children, jobs greateft care was, that his children ¡build be