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Chap. I. An Expofitionupon the Bool¿,of J O B. Verf. 5. 5 7 the®hiddren of Ammon.All the evils others commit by thy counfel, direction, advice, command, or content, is as done by thy felt. So (on the other fide) all the good others do byour counfel, advice, promotion, admonition, initruEtion, and the like, that good Ihall all-be reckoned to us. Ifanother be holyby thy advice, it will be (aid thou hall made him holy, thou haft fanCtified him. Laftly, Obferve, That Holy Duties callfor HolyPreparation. We muff not touch holy things with.unholyhands, or with un- holy hearts; Iwill waft my hands in innocency, and fo will I com- pafs thine Altar 0 Lord, was Davids refolution, Pfalm 26. 6. ThereforeJob ii tending a folemn duty,a facrificë,which did con- tain the fum of all Religion concerning the external w,orfhip of God, fends folemnly to his Children to prepare themfelves : O come not to the facrificeexcept you be fandified. It is á point fo clear,that I (hall need but only toname it to you.How and where- in they should fandifie themfelves , and what courfe they took for the fandifying and preparing of themfelvesfor that duty, loth not appear in this place : but afterwards when God gave them the Law, he prefcribed them a rule what they mutt do that they mightbe fand`tified ; the Jews had fpecial directions for their pre- parations : Some things were outward, and fome inward. I will but touch. For the outward, they, were commandedto wain their cloaths, Exod. 19. that place before quoted , SanElifia them to day and to morrow , and let them ,math their cloaths : Not that God regard- ed cloaths, but he aimed at fomewhat further ; If the cloaths Inuit be waffled, certainly then the heart mutt be waffled , he ,,pointed at that in the waffling oftheir cloaths; In Leviticus and Numbers , other outwardpreparations are commanded , as the abftaining from all things that were unclean, they muff not touch any thing that was unclean ; and then fometimes they were not only to wafh their cloaths, but tochange their cloaths; you have theexpreulion in that place concerning Jacob ; be clean (faith he), and changeyour Garments; It might be a changing by waffling, but I rather conceive, that it was a change by putting on ofother°cloathh. There was alfo another external requifite to the preparing and fanCifying of themfelves ; and that was by abstaining for a time from the lawful ufe of the marriage bed; youhave the command exprefly in that of Exod. 19. x 5. be ready I againff