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h Chap.'. A Expofition upon the Bookof J OB. Veri.5. be fanCfified. And every Parent ought to lay of his natural chil- dren,as the ApoftleJohn loth ofhis fpiritual children, (Ep),3`,'4,) Piave nogreater joy then to hear that my children walk in the truth. Fifthly, yob was a holy perfon; and you fee which way his are lies,that his children may be holy.Then take this Note in thege- nera He that is a holy perfgn himfelf, defires to make others holy too. Holy yob would haveall his children holy. As it is with the wicked , a wicked man would fain have all wickedwith him ; he would fain fcatter his wickeduefs, and diffufe his 'poyfon unto others.` The drunkard would fain have companions with him in hisdrunkennefs,&c. And fo the man that is truly Godly,' would make others godly too. As Paul laid to King Agrippa, Iwouldto God, that trot only thou, but a. all that hear me this day, tét 26.29 were both almoj"t and altogetherfetch as I am. Grace is attrafdive, it defìresto draw others into fellowfhip. Agood man wouldnot be happy alone. Sixthly, Sanfificationyou fee here is afcribed unto Job,he lent and fanófified them , and all that he did was but to give them counfel and warning to fanctifie themfelves as ifhe íhould have faid, Go to my children, and bid them prepare themfelves, warn them, that theymay beready againft the facrifice , that they fit themfelves for ir, yet the Text faith,tbat Jobfans ified them.Then we may obfcrve from this, That, Thegood Which othersdo by our adviceautlcount1, is reckonedas done by our(elves. While we provoke others to goodnefs , that good which they do,ìs let upon our account, as if we had done it. As the wicked- nefs, the fin which another commits by the advice and counfel of any man, is let upon the (coreof thatman Ifanother do ill by thy advice , the ill is reckoned to thee if one fhould come and fay as Abfalom faid to his fervants, Markye now when Amuons heart it merry with wine , and when Ifay untoyou, fmite Am- non , then kill him, fear not, have not I commandedyou ? Not enly did the fervants kill Amnon, but Abfalom killed Amnon, be- caufe he commanded them to kill him. You know what is faid ofDavid, he did but fend a Letter concerning the death ofVriab, and the charge cometh , Thou baitflaio Uriala with thefiordof the