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CHRI r ] TO 71TH E p L 7 + p [.I r.0 l Ñ T.i AN READEd. TO Thofe efpecially of this City, who have been the Movers and Promoters of this Work. His Book of Job bears the Image of thefe times, andprefentsus with a refemblance of thepall,pre- fent,and(much hopedfor))future conditionof this Nation. As theperfonal profperityof Job, fo his troubles loolt,li(e our Nationaltroubles;andwhy, maynot the parallel be made up,by-a likenefs in our Reflauration ? Job was the moflflourifhing,thegreatefl manofallthe men of the Ea.fl.Weare thegreatefl,and latelywere the mojt fionrijhing Nation ,ofalltheNationsofthe North. Our Oxenli&e his) were t}rong to labour, our Sheep, brought forth thousands and ten thoufands in our ftreets, our Garners were full, affording all manner of ftore ; our fons (hke`his) asplants grownup in their youth, our daughters as corner- ftones polifhed after the Gmilitude of a palace. There was no breaking-in, nor going-out, no complaining (in reference tooutwardwants) in our ftreets. We waffled our íteps withbutter, and the rockpoured us out Rivers of Oyl. TheCandle ofGod fhined upon our Heads,and the fecret of Godwas upon our Tabernacles: Our roots were fpread out by thewaters, and the dew (ofblegings) lay all night upon our branches. Untous the Nations gave ear and waited, and kept filenceat our counfel; After our words, they fpake not again,and our fpeech dropped upon thein; Ifwe laughed on them,they believed it noteour glory was . freíh in us,and the light of our countenance they call not A 2 down