Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37. v1

To the Reader. down : we chofe out their way, and fatechief and dwelt as a King in the army, as one that comforteth the Mourn- ers. s'urely,a happy peoplewere we,being infach a cafe,yea moll happy were we,having theLord(many ways declaring himfelf)for our Gode And hadwe (as thefe mercies didob- liege ass; fill'dup,or labour'd to fillup th' other part,thebet- ter part of Job's chara&er, Hadwe been a People perfea andupright,fearingGod and efchewingevil:Gïemigbt(ac- cording to the pronsis'd , and often experienc'd tenour of God` dealing with his people) have continuedandencrea- fed in all that happinefs unto this day. Bot we (herein asnliketo Job, and, like a foolithNation and unwife)have ill requited theLord,yea,we have regui= ted i he Lord withevil, for, and in the midfb of all this Goodnefs.our Provocations havebeen many,andour Back hidings have been multiplyed. Our fins haveput a Sword into the Handof God: AndGodin Juftice,hathputa Sword into theHands ofunjuff men, men skilful to deftroy. He bath made Babylonians the rod ofhis anger, and the flaffe of his indignation againft us. He hash given Commiffion. o Caldeans and,Sabeans,who rob andfpoyl' irae. Our young men are (lain by the edge of theSword and the flink of our Camps comes up into our Naftrils. How many fad Meffengers have hastened unto as (as unto Job) with the Reports of Cities furrendred and plundered , of Towns fired and pillaged , of Villages and Countries laid waste, and almofl defolate. Now Peeing all this is come upon us,... is it not time for to (with Job) to rent our Garments (yea our hearts with godly forrow)andfallingupon theground, worlhip God and fay, The Lord hath (freely) given,and theLordhath (juflly) taken; BIeffed be the Name of the Lord. Our fins have brought thefe forrows, let not our for- rows bring inmore fin, by coifing us tomurmur againft, or charge God foolifhIy.. God