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lµ li Chap. r. An Expofition upon the Bookof J C"i B. Verf. 5, Land, the word is, Iwill deliroy the wicked of . the Land in the morning, and the meaning is only this, I will with, all diligence and all care out of the Land all wickedperfons. So there is am expreffion, Pray. 7. r 5. which illufirates this, where the wick- ed woman the harlot tells the young man, that fhe cameforth to meet him, and diligently to feekhieface : The Original word there is, to leek thy face in the morning; and yet we know, that in Verfe 9. it. was in the twi-light, in the evening thatjhe met him. But the Hebrew phrafe is, I cameforth in the morning to feek thy face ;, that is, (as it is rendred) I cameforth diligently tofeektl?yface.,. So this coming, forth.of Job in the morning, betides the time, that it was at fùch anhour, the beginningofthe day, notes the great di- ligence, and exceeding care. oflob' about this work. Yet moreexaítly, it isnot only faid, He rofe in the morning (for there is a great latitude in the morning, there are divers hours which are called morning) but it is faid he rofe early in the morn- ing, in the very beginning, or firft of the morning. As it is com- manded, Exod. 23. 59. Thefirft of the firft fruits ofthe Land thou kÌ <Í fhalt bring into the houfe of the Lord. God would not only have 171; the firft fruits, but the firft of the firft fruits ; if there were any ripe. fooner then others, God would have them ; Come fruits that ripened after were firfi fruits, but God would have the very firfi of them. So here, Jobgave Godnot only the firfi fruits of the day, but the earlieft time, in the morning, which is the firft ofthe firft fruitsofthe day. Early: in the Morning°, 1, _1. Then Obferve, I. That it is Gods due and our duty, to dedicate the morning, the firft andbelt ofevery day unto God. Pfalm 5. 3. My voice(halt thou hear in the morning, in the morn ing willI direei my prayer unto thee, and will lookup. We have a Paying amongus, that the morning is a friend to the Mali:, that is, themorning is a good ftudying time. I: amCure it is as true, that the morning is agreatfriend to the Graces, the morning is the befi praying time. Again, I.n thatJob did rife fo early in the morning to offer fa- crifice,and did this becaufe he was affraid that his Sons had finned (as we thall fee afterward.) Hence obferve, z.. That it is not fafe to let fin lye a moment unrepented of, or unpardoned.